View Full Version : Pumas-Scotland June 14 Velez.

10-06-08, 01:51 PM
Prediction for June 14?

I think Pumas win for 10 points at less

10-06-08, 03:19 PM
Welcome Ferc! I will say that it depends on who Hadden picks at no.10.

Dan Parks is the obvious choice because he's rubbish, crap and naff but at the same time has Hadden in his back pocket.

However, I'd rather have Godman or Patterson at ten.

10-06-08, 04:01 PM
Yes, it's all about who to play at 10. We were close to winning on Saturday, but we didn't cause we got turnedover too much and weren't creative in the backs.

Some time with Robbo should sort that out, as Edinburgh haven't been turned over much this year and that's down to him mostly. So a bit of hard work on the Paddock should reduce that problem.

As for ten...well, Parks must have some incriminating pictures of Hadden cause I do not know why Parks is played there time and time again. Paterson is the best option i think. Experienced, creative, fast, tackles, good hands, excellent kicker. I'd love to see Godders get a chance but it's a high pressure match and if Hadden f***s it up like he did against italy (kicking over a rush defence...silly) the blame might fall at Godman's feet once more and his international career would be over for good I fear if that happened again.

In short, we have the abillity to win this one. We need Paterson at 10, and Hugo at 15 as well as our pack to buck up their ideas and keep the bloody ball.

Incredible Schalk
10-06-08, 04:58 PM
As soon as Hadden and Parks go then Scottish rugby can improve until then we will continue to play crap boring and ineffective rugby. I dont think a win this weekend will happen, it was blown last week. We had easily enough position to win that game twice.

Sir Speedy
10-06-08, 05:08 PM
I think Argentina will win because they have a two year history of striking hard in the 2nd test a la Wales 2 years ago and Ireland last year.

10-06-08, 05:39 PM
That is true, however, some chages for this weekend.

the formation for the pumas:

AGULLA, Horacio (Dax - F.F.R. – Wing); AYERZA, Marcos (Leicesters Tigres - R.F.U. – Pilar); BORGES, Lucas (Benetton Treviso - F.I.R. – Wing); CONTEPOMI, Felipe (Leinster - I.R.F.U. – Apertura); COSTA REPETTO, Agustín (Los Matreros - U.R.B.A. – Hooker); DE VEDIA, Tomás (London Irish - R.F.U. – Wing); DURAND, Martín (Champagnat - U.R.B.A. - 3ra Línea); FERNANDEZ LOBBE, Ignacio (Northampton Saints - R.F.U. - 2da Línea); FERNANDEZ LOBBE, Juan Martín (Sale Sharks - R.F.U. - 3ra Línea); FERNANDEZ, Santiago (Hindu Club - U.R.B.A. – Centro); GALINDO, Alvaro (Beziers - F.F.R. - 3ra Línea); GAMBARINI, Pablo (C.A.S.I. - U.R.B.A. – Hooker); GOMEZ, Juan (Leinster - I.R.F.U. – Pilar); GONZALEZ BONORINO, Santiago (Capitolina - F.I.R. – Pilar); LALANNE, Alfredo (S.I.C. - U.R.B.A. - Medio Scrum); LECOT, Francisco (Regatas Bella Vista - U.R.B.A. – Pilar); LEGUIZAMON, Juan Manuel (London Irish - R.F.U. - 3ra Línea); LOZADA, Esteban (Toulon - F.F.R. - 2da Línea); MARTIN ARAMBURU, Federico (Perpignan - F.F.R. – Centro); NUÑEZ PIOSSEK, José Maria (Huirapuca – Tucumán – Wing); SENILLOSA, Hernán (Hindu Club - U.R.B.A. – Wing); SERRA, Federico (San Isidro Club - U.R.B.A. – Fullback); STORTONI, Bernardo (Glasgow Warriors - S.R.U. – Fullback); STUART, James (C.A.S.I. - U.R.B.A. - 2da Línea); TEJEDA, Álvaro (Overmach Parma - F.I.R. – Hooker); TIESI, Gonzalo (Harlequins - R.F.U. – Centro); TODESCHINI, Federico (Montpellier Herault Rugby Club - F.F.R. – Apertura); VERGALLO, Nicolás (Jockey Club – Rosario - Medio Scrum).

I expect that the titular team was:

1- Ayersa
2- Tejeda
3- Gonzalez Bonorino
4- Fernandez Lobbe I.
5- Lozada Esteban
6- Durand Martin
7- Fernandez Lobbe J.
8- Leguizamon
9- Vergallo
10- Todeschini
11- Agulla
12- Contempomi
13- Tiesi
14- Borges.
15- Stortoni.

About Parks, in my opionion the best scotland player last weekend.

14-06-08, 09:13 AM
The problem with Scotland last week was that Argentina completely bossed them around at the breakdown, Mike Blair couldn't get clean ball out to the backs and there were plenty of turnovers. Hopefully Barclay can help in that regard, but the whole pack will need to be more aggressive at rucks. If Blair can supply Godman with decent possession then it should be a much more positive performance.

18-08-08, 08:58 PM
I went to the stadium, the lose was really disappointing.