View Full Version : Grant, Kankowski out of Bok squad

30-07-08, 09:22 PM
http://www.supersport.co.za/rugby/article....d&id=263493 (http://www.supersport.co.za/rugby/article.aspx?headline=Grant,%20Kankowski%20out%20o f%20Bok%20squad&id=263493)

This is sad news,these two players could have gotten some game time against Argentina but thats gona be the case.
Kankowski will be out for about three weeks and Grant 6-12 weeks :( .
They have not announced the replacement for these players yet, but I would say Wickus van Heerden or Dannie Rossouw for Kankowski would be the best bets...and Bobo could be back-up for Grant if needed.