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10-08-08, 08:07 AM
So I think looking to the next 5 or so years, Kurtley Beale has to be a hot favourite to become a Wallaby, but this begs the question, where?

So what do you think the future of the Australian backline looks like? Giteau looks like he has made 10 his own now, so the chances of him moving into number 9 to make way for Beale seem unlikely...Maybe Beale will one day slip into number 9 for the wallabies himself?

Any ideas, does anyone think that Beale won't ever become Wallaby class? Maybe he will eventually come in at inside centre (though the form of Barnes and Giteau makes it seem that 10 and 12 are nailed down for quite a while now), or maybe he could move to the back and take the 15 (this is a long shot though!)

What does everyone think?

10-08-08, 09:45 AM
Its hard to say whether or not Beale will become good enough to force the current young guns in the Australian backline because our current batch of youth in the backline who have already been blooded look to be the real deal so it will be really hard for Beale to crack it anywhere.. .My guess would be he will have to wait until there is an injury.

I seriously can't see him playing any other position at the international level than flyhalf so it will take an injury or two for him to even get a look in.

I suppose he could have a crack at fullback but that experiment is best left to the Waratahs at this point in time.

13-08-08, 04:31 AM
Very much agree... Beale's future is at 10... but Giteau is certainly a lock for the next few years at the position, and it doesn't seem to make much sense right now to move him to 9 to accomodate Beale, even though the 9 position isn't great right now. Burgess has looked terrible to me and the fact that Sam Cordingly is still around is worrying.

If Beale wants to be looked at as a 15 then he will need to do with the Waratahs first, but there is quite the fight for that position with the Wallabies too. Gerrard, Mitchell, Ashley-Cooper... all are quality players.

17-08-08, 09:15 AM
So I think looking to the next 5 or so years, Kurtley Beale has to be a hot favourite to become a Wallaby, but this begs the question, where?

I don't think he's a hot favourite at all.

I don't think he's yet to impress enough to play for Australia.

Plus, we've already got Giteau and Barnes who are miles ahead of Beale and who have plenty more years left in their career.

Personally, I've been more impressed with Quade Cooper than Beale.

Beale is really going to have to do something magical in the next few years to leapfrog those already named.

He'll at least have a lengthy career for Australia A.

17-08-08, 10:54 AM
beale looked awesome in the ARC and looked mediocre in this years super 14... he's not wallaby material unless he can work the same magic he did in the ARC. place kicking was atrocious in the super 14