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11-08-08, 06:11 AM
Here are notified about the Venezuelan league and the selection of our country.

The tournament already finish, leaving as the victor Caballeros of Merida on Oil Blacks Maracaibo, immediately placed on them the news.Because I have to translate them to English

Knights Champion!

In the match of the grand final of the rugby national Knights of Merida beat Maracaibo Oil Blacks 32 to 13.

In this way, Knights took the championship again since the 2006 season to win at that opportunity to Merida RC 20 to 17.

Final analysis

A Greeting friends Rugby Caracas,

Following a request made by the mailbox message Blog Rugbycaracas I am about to make an analysis on what was the end of the Venezuelan National Championship to which I had the pleasure of attending as a spectator on Saturday.

First of all I must say that being the first time I visited the Rancho Santa Teresa was a pleasant experience. For a Chilean birth made me recordadar old farms that still exist there. I believe in what areas are sports, there is a good spot that could take if it wants to develop other projects Rugby.

Upon arrival, and had begun the match for third place between Maracay and La Victoria. The first thing as a spectator I realize that is not distinguished from outside the marking of the stadium, which he did a little confusing the enjoyment of the show, and even the development of game for the same rugbiers. There are other minor details in this regard that also applies to draw the attention: The posts were of different length, there was the flag outside the stadium to serve as a reference to the players, there was a blackboard or announcer referring to the meeting tanteador . All these minor details in the end but finally contribute to the spectacle itself.

Now go into what is the Rugby. That first match for third place, was much enthusiasm on the part of Maracay that will eventually lead to the encounter. A little more than tactical command also showed these guys. However, the lack of a speedy point guard was visible on several occasions and left advantages to escape across the stadium, sometimes up to 5 vs. 1. This speaks a little of what is the level of decision-making players. I've seen in previous games in the league in Caracas this kind of mistakes, which in my opinion are the most serious of which there are and where developers Venezuelans should make more emphasis. The work of people like Pierre Villepreux are very useful in this regard. Back in the party believe that the issue of arbitration, although he was not wrong regarding the decisions of play if something was loose on the subject of discipline. The arbitrator must be less conversation with the players and mark more distance. At the end was a game more scrambling for this reason. The parity of the match I had more to do with the technical impossibility of both sets to take advantage of opponent's mistakes. But it was a highly entertaining encounter with a thrilling final.

The final part I must say that really surprised me both the technical level of players as the tactical approach. From the outset both teams entered the stadium with their respective tactical approaches, I find it quite ordered. At the beginning of the match I think we play better because they knew Merida forced the rival Oil Blacks to physically wear out in formations movileo, however I think the criminal mind against the Knights in the first half was highest of what a coach desearia and this shows that should work more on the situation of contact to dominate that area. However, as in all matches end, the most intelligent win and did so Knights who take the obvious physically Maracaibo in the first time to nest 3 tries, all by the middle of the stadium.

In the second half, opening the Knights knew tactically use his foot which made it wisely. What one did very well all Knights was scoring every time they went to court over the rival foot when he was made difficult violate the ingoal. I have not the slightest doubt that the tactical approach of Oil Blacks was the grouping of people at the base of training, but in the second half, once they got that goal, followed by abusing this approach and failed to exploit the vulnerability mostro between his knights. 13 and its wings, despercidiando several chances near the ingoal rival with opportunities to try clear, matter that his coach will want to resolve if it wants to improve its performance in this final for the next season. Quite the contrary with Knights who almost never wrong in the definition except for one occasion where its not. 13 dropped a ball when they were intercepted en route to ingoal.

My personal assessment is that without doubt the best team won in the day. Knights concrete whenever he had the opportunity and physically leave the party to rival. Their owners were much more tactical game that Maracaibo dominated the game and air in a manner almost flawless at that level are. Its line of three quarters was undoubtedly superior to that of his opponent from the point of view offensive. I think if that was his mark very vulnerable outside the few times that they were hit seriously by the area where their wings were many doubts to close at the mark.

For its part the Team Oil Blacks also showed interesting things: Lots of physical power in their forwards, even though some were isolated offensively, a work of impeccable line out to my mind and good technique in the scrum. His defense was not the best, especially in the coverage of its 3rd line and that should exert pressure on pateadores tactical. equally fund the three were placed in pressure situations unnecessarily by failing to attack with more aggressiveness balons the air. Also in terms of offensive committed too many errors driving near the ingoal rival.

To sum up the match was very entertaining, with a good arbitration, with a very enthusiastic public, with an impeccable discipline on the part of both teams that were devoted only to leave everything on the court playing the rugby and with a level of rugby that despite errors was higher than what I've seen so far Venezuelan rugby.
A great welcome.

11-08-08, 06:51 AM
An interesting note on the Venezuelan Rugby:

We are not surprised friends readers that this article speaks of something so profane, so mundane and so pollutant for the Rugby fan (like that of my country and for Venezuela) as money. But is that finally, and in this globalized world, the dollars are the engine that makes the land virtually rotate and be moved up competing with the same laws of universal gravitation.

The Rugby. Our Rugby Union. The same as for those issues of the English aristocracy remained amateur sport until year 95, who suffered one division in early 20 century the best way of reforming the Catholic Church, and that would lead to his brother "corrupt" Rugby League, which is rented for more than 80 years. That rugby that even today is practiced in most countries, for better or for worse is changing. With the advent of professionalism, the major capitals, are eager to multiply in sports oval the opportunity to continue exploiting markets. Especially in the more powerful economies.

The RWC France 2007 showed a net gain of 90 million pounds. This is equivalent to just over 177 million dollars. Undoubtedly the most overwhelming gain of any of the world cups and one of the most important sporting level. The success of this last World Cup puts us on growth prospects in the Rugby globally is having. Of course, you can not leave aside the fact that of the nearly 4 million registered players worldwide England owns more than 1 million, so definitely, and despite what many of us want to think English rugby who is economically dominated rugby destinations worldwide. Not only that, but markets such as the Sanz (South Africa, New Zealand and Australia), year after year have seen a decline in earnings figures and television audiences from the game. This is due mainly to two factors: The Football penetration in that market and the characteristic style of rugby that is played today. That is why the IRB tries to push the new laws of the game, which make rugby a sport even faster and with the potential to once again captivate young southerners who have lost a little interest in it. These rule changes have encountered much resistance from the Home Unions (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland), France and Italy, who argue that the game is perfect as is. It is the best example that silver makes it all possible, even be willing to change distinctive aspects of the game only to capture market economy.

The International Rugby Board for several years, been followed with a policy of reinvesting a percentage of profits from the RWC Ltd. Among its members. Countries such as Argentina, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Japan and USA, have received no fewer than 1 million pounds annually only for construction of high-performance centres and the creation of interprovincial and international tournaments funded by IRB to raise the level of exposure and the level of play of rugbiers. The Pacific Nations Cup, the North americas 4, The Churchill Cup, The Asian Nations Cup, and so on. The common denominator in all these countries is that they are important markets for IRB and advertisers. Not all for the same reasons that if. I doubt the staff in a market like that of the Pacific Islands is significant in terms of profit. However, a team of fiji competitive in the World Cup, can raise levels of tele hearing tournament, which multiply immediately invested by the IRB.

Now move this global reality the American continent. I have often commented in this space for IRB that the only two really important countries in americas are Argentina and the USA. The theme of Argentina, where rugby is really well established as a second sport I will not come to play because there still converge certain aspects of the old English Gentleman Rugby which I think is out of order today. And ditch countries such as Uruguay, my beloved and battered Chile. Quite simply we are not a market top level and that is why, like Venezuela, we received the crumbs that fall from the table IRB.

Speaking a little of our friends the gringos. The Rugby is obviously far from being the first sport or at least some of the first 4 or 5 sports in this country. When you care about little common American sports outside their borders. Much effort has been made by the Major League Soccer to establish itself as a fairly popular sport in this country. However, the beauty of this is that, of that great cake, a bit there for everyone, which is usually enough. According to USA Rugby, the sport has grown into the nation of Uncle Sam at a rate of 15% over the past 4 years. The most significant is that the greatest growth has been in younger people, on both coasts of the country. Over the past six years, the number of schools registered with USA Rugby has grown from 150 to over 500. Additionally there until the year 2007 a total of 679 registered clubs in that country. Of this growth continue, there will be no less than 1,500 schools playing rugby in the next 5 years.

The well-known brand Canterbury of New Zealand recently signed an agreement with USA Rugby to provide teams of equipment until 2012, in addition to royalties grant money for players in the RWC 2011 and scholarship / rugby for the University of Loughborough. Obviously Rugby in the united states this far from being as popular as his son ******* the American Football, but with the growth figures, merchandising and possible television audience captive, it can become a not too distant future in a product like what is today the Arena Football League (AFL). League that even here in Latin americas can still see through the sports channel ESPN.

With this background, it is not difficult to realize that they and not us who receive dollars. The big question that needs to be done in the case is Venezuelan. Can Venezuela, in percentage numbers reflect an increase equal or similar to the gringos? What gives the Rugby merchandise as a product to advertisers in the country? What are the prospects for growth in future years? What are the plans? Is this idea of where the Venezuelan and where rugby has a real chance to go in the future? Just as playing the American experience, may be awakening the interests and achieve economic takeoff do sport, because although we do not want to accept it, the era of Rugby pleasure, this coming to an end.

Teams formalization IV rugby tournament PLaya Margarita Island 2008

This is the list of teams and categories formally registered so far (31/Jul/2008), which used the pre force until July 31, 2008:
Seniors (7 teams)

1.-Anauco RCC (Caracas) - Angel Suzzarine and Gianfranco
2.-Gavilanes/ZulianosRFC (Zulia)-Alejandro "Perikles" Barbosa / Ricardo Viloria
3.-Hurricane RC (Caracas) - Luis González
4.-Studentenstadt RC (Münich, Germany) - Luis "Gato" Vasquez
5.-Sparta RC (Margarita) - Jhon Veronelli / Camilo Arroyave
6.-Unexpo RC (Puerto Ordaz) - Maik Montaño
7.-Albatros RC (Puerto Ordaz) - Felix Rivas
Master (1 team)
1 .- Albatros RC / "Galancitos2008" (Puerto Ordaz) - Claudio Brandoni
Youth (3 teams)

1.-Gavilanes/ZulianosRFC (Zulia)-Alejandro "Perikles" Barbosa / Ricardo Viloria
2.-Gavilanes/ZulianosRFC (Zulia)-Alejandro "Perikles" Barbosa / Ricardo Viloria
3.-Unexpo RC (Puerto Ordaz) - Maik Montaño

Female (1 team)
1.-Gavilanas/ZulianosRFC (Zulia)-Alejandro "Perikles" Barbosa / Ricardo Viloria

The teams that have communicated their intention to participate and have not formalized their registration are: (Please deposit new rate in effect on 1/Ago/2008 scan and send registration form and deposit)

UCV RC (Caracas) - Bladimir Jimenez
Unimed RC (Margarita) - Alberto "Mancha" Rodriguez
USBolívar RFC (Caracas) - Gerardo "Guido" Guidotti
Corsarios Anzoategui RC (Puerto La Cruz) - Gabriel Ojeda
Alliance Française RC (Bucaramanga) - Eduardo Gonzalez Stella
Cucuta RC (Cucuta) - John Lopez
Unimed RC (Margarita) - Alberto "Mancha" Rodriguez
Project Alcatraz (Victoria) - Mrs. Magaly Garcia

We appreciate confirm or exclude their participation in this or other avenues that we used to promote our tournament.

Likewise we call upon the country's women's teams and players that enthusiasm and that if any RUGBY women in the IV tournament RUGBY Player Margarita Island!

.. and that the roll Cocoooooo!
Simon Figuera

It is about a rugby tournament in beach sand

Suspended 4 players and a referee
In an unprecedented decision, the council honor of the Caracas Rugby Union has suspended at least 4 players belonging to the UCV team and a referee of the UCAB, the facts raised in the league match between the teams and UCV Crum in the Olympic Stadium of UCV on 22 June this year.

The council imposed under Article 17 of the IRB, a suspension of 117 weeks at the players Ilich Rodriguez and Junior Garcia, Rodriguez Gianny for 114 weeks and 48 weeks for Jean Valera among other charges by a large group of intimidation against the referee.

Likewise, it imposed a moratorium on Ivan Malgarejo in which you can not act as referee for 12 weeks by verbal abuse to players.

Such sanctions may be appealed to the Council of Honor of RVF.

17-08-08, 07:01 AM
I played last year with my team with Venezuela under´s 20. We lose for few points.