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03-10-08, 06:10 PM
I am cheering on the Dragons.

Sir Speedy
03-10-08, 06:13 PM
Tonight I'm mourning the fact I have to watch this...

03-10-08, 06:24 PM
Until this game has fin-ished, I will also be typing in a Welsh accent. Wenglish I believe they call it.

Ro-ry Clegg, he's only gone and missed a sit-ter! Bloody marvellous that is.

03-10-08, 06:27 PM
Bangin' san.

03-10-08, 06:28 PM
Wtf happened then?!

03-10-08, 06:32 PM
Who blo-ody care? that was an exe Nor-thamp-to play-er that scored it! T'was very Cewte!

Sir Speedy
03-10-08, 07:53 PM
Tomorrows Headline:

"<strike>235</strike> 35 year old Englishman conquers Newcastle.
Lack of Jonny told in the end."

03-10-08, 07:57 PM

Oh, you cynic!

03-10-08, 08:30 PM
Colin Charvis is a leg-end.

03-10-08, 08:47 PM
...I really need it tonight!
Forevers gonna start tonight
Forevers gonna start tonight-

Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I&#39;m just falling apart
Nothing I can say
Total eclipse of the heart

03-10-08, 10:33 PM
not a bad game, glad to see the Dragons getting a 3 game winning streak and getting it in decent style too. Who was Man of the Match? I though Schterbina was fantastic (especially in defense - I lost count how many times he&#39;d chase Tovey&#39;s kicks then bring down the winger/fullback who caught the ball). Tovey had a great game as well, and continues to impress - one for the future for definite.

Sir Speedy
03-10-08, 10:37 PM
Charvis got the award.

03-10-08, 10:47 PM
makes sense, he did turn the match around :P hope he gets more games this season, they guys a leg-end.