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An Tarbh
09-10-08, 01:18 PM
<div align='center'>http://www.therugbyforum.com/forum/uploads/Toulouse.png http://www.therugbyforum.com/forum/uploads/Bath.png
Toulouse v Bath
Venue: Stade Municipale
Date: 12 October 2008
Kickoff - 16:00, Live FR2/Sky Sports 2</div>

So both sides are riding high domestically so it should be a cracking match between these 2 former champions.

Toulouse have proved vulnerable in recent times at home in the Heineken Cup so the chance is there for Bath to come away with a precious win.

Tough to call in terms of topping this pool so Toulouse will be looking for a full haul to put down a marker and take the pressure off for the reverse fixture in January.

09-10-08, 02:17 PM
So looking forward to this one B)

Hopefully a try fest :)

Home win.

12-10-08, 02:00 PM
So looking forward to this Game...

Hopefully it will be Butch&#39;s day and he will be able to release the ball for Banahan...

The solid pitch will make Bath play good rugby :)

We Thrive on this stuff :)

http://www1.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid...amp;part=sports (http://www1.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=20701&part=sports)

12-10-08, 02:04 PM
Either way, it should be a good game.

But if Leicester v Ospreys is any standard to go by, it won&#39;t be.

12-10-08, 02:07 PM
Ah but Leicester never play flamboyant rugby

12-10-08, 02:14 PM
0 - 3 to Bath

James - Penalty :)

12-10-08, 02:18 PM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (getofmeland @ Oct 12 2008, 03:07 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ('index.php?act=findpost&pid=353144')</div>
Ah but Leicester never play flamboyant rugby[/b]

Maybe not, but they have succeeded in making me bored of rugby for the day.

12-10-08, 02:20 PM
Well Put the Tele on Sky Sports 1 and watch some real rugby...

3 - 3

Penalty - Skrela

Sir Speedy
12-10-08, 02:22 PM
Skrela is a [insert expletive here]. Why Toulouse bought him is beyond me...

12-10-08, 02:25 PM
That was a prime opportunity to score a try...

Skrela is looking very fragile, but Bath are giving away a lot of penalties at the moment

12-10-08, 02:34 PM
I am slowly losing my finger nails, both sides are playing some great rugby and some very stupid mistakes...

Sir Speedy
12-10-08, 02:37 PM
Banahan nearly killed Medard, there...
James&#39; kick was awful; Sowerby&#39;s return was great. Nice slice from Abendanon.
Penalty Skrela. 6 - 3
Uh...wait, what? :huh: Excellent restart from Bath, caught Toulouse sleeping - penalty to them... 6 - 3, James missed. Not in good kicking form again, I see............

12-10-08, 02:46 PM
Well its half time 6 - 3 to Tolouse :(

12-10-08, 02:48 PM
James is having an off season with kicking but has kicked some great balls in this game..

But to be honest Bath are playing some good rugby, willing to play rather than the usual pick and drive which used to happen..

12-10-08, 02:52 PM
Bath playing with good ambition and good attitude but I can&#39;t help thinking they just need to put the foot through the ball a bit more and play their rugby in Toulouse&#39;s 22 rather than their own.

12-10-08, 02:58 PM
I somewhat agree, that you can&#39;t run the ball from your 22 all the time...

Hopefully it will change in the second half... by the look of things Nope!

Tolouse are starting to play, totally different side... although great defence from Bath...

12-10-08, 03:06 PM
Superb kick to the Corner from Butch James, then Toulouse go long and Butch James Intercepts before being flattened in the air.

Try Bath!!!

Conversion Missed by James...

9 - 8 to Toulouse

Now things should liven up a bit!!

Sir Speedy
12-10-08, 03:25 PM
A penalty apiece: 12 - 11.
Now another penalty for Toulouse. C&#39;mon Skrela you prick! Nope, he&#39;s missed it. <_<
Hum, another Toulouse penalty... Skrela&#39;s.... got it! 15 - 11.

12-10-08, 03:37 PM

15 - 16 to BATH!!!

and its not been converted!!!

Sir Speedy
12-10-08, 03:38 PM
Try to Abendanon... Kinda controversial - did James&#39; punt go dead? We&#39;ll never know now. Good try for Bath. 16 - 15 and the conversion... missed.
Still time for Toulouse. Lets go!
PENALTY TO TOULOUSE! Skrela..... OMG.... Skrela...! GOT IT! 18 - 16! SKRELA YOU BEAUTY! :D

12-10-08, 03:40 PM
Skrela has a kick to win the game


12-10-08, 03:42 PM
Suicide from Bath.

Nice moment for Skrela though.

12-10-08, 03:43 PM
Damn what a great game of Rugby...

Neither side played their best rugby, but a last minute kick decides the game

Unlucky Boys, good effort tho...

12-10-08, 04:35 PM
Don&#39;t know the actual level of Bath, even if I know they are leading the English championship, but found them very good, and ice to see playing.
Free warning for Toulouse today...

Waiting eagerly for the return of Michalak as 10, would maybe allow a spare 12 position to Skrela who caused today more troubles than gave solutions.

12-10-08, 04:56 PM
bath deserved to win that imo. Inexperience killed them; but better to learn that lesson now than at the end of the season...

12-10-08, 05:54 PM
Bath had it all today: agressivity, offensive attitude, good defense, they scored two tries... and they lost ! Barkley will be missing for his kicking...

Toulouse... hum, disappointing, but this is still a solid performance. Only great teams can win a game like that, it could be useful in the knockout stages.

I&#39;m glad for Skrela, this final kick will give him more confidence for the future. He can do better, after all Paris won 2 Brennus and they were in the H-Cup Final with tht guy at N10 !

12-10-08, 06:13 PM
Only saw two minutes of this match - the final two! Toulouse sliced them open pretty easily and should have had a try.

Cup competition is cruuuuel.

12-10-08, 07:16 PM
Saw the whole game, Toulouse were very lucky to avoid the defeat, thanks to this wonder kick by Skrela. I&#39;m happy for the guy, he hasn&#39;t had such moments very often.
Bath were very impressive, especially their very fast defense which cost one try ald almost 2 for Toulouse.

12-10-08, 07:28 PM
This game will do wonders for Bath, they will improve on their mistakes, I expect them to still make it all the way through to the knock out stages. This is the kinda Rugby they are playing every week and is why they are currently top of the Guinness Premiership and 3 points clear, there are some very good things to come from Bath Rugby... :)

12-10-08, 08:38 PM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (getofmeland @ Oct 12 2008, 09:28 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ('index.php?act=findpost&pid=353194')</div>
I expect them to still make it all the way through to the knock out stages[/b]

I think that the second of this pool will be one of the best 2nd qualified for the knockout stages anyway. But anything can happen in the H-Cup, we saw that again this week end...