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05-09-09, 08:32 PM
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Bristol Rugby

Tom Arscott; Lee Robinson, Luke Eves, Junior Fatialofa, Dan Norton, Adrian Jarvis; Jason Spice ; Alex Clarke, Ross Johnson, Wayne Thompson, Roy Winters, Nathan Budgett, James Phillips, James Merriman, Dan Montagu

David Blaney, Darren Crompton, Mariano Sambucetti, Iain Grieve, Sam Alford, Mark Davies, Luke Arscott[/b]

Big season for Bristol, after the disaster of last years relegation season, and the fans will expect immediate promotion. The key lies in the half-backs. Should Spice and Jarvis click then they have far more ability than the rest of the division. That said this league does have its gems, Robinson L+T Arscott, Shaun Perry are a selection of players who Bristol signed from this league in the past and have had done well for us.

An entireley new back row will also be an intriguing prospect for fans of Bris, and the old (and epically bald) head of Nathen Budgett will lend top level experience.

Bristol to win, 31-11


05-09-09, 10:06 PM
Must confess I&#39;ve forgotten a lot of what&#39;s what in the season since the demolition tour, although I did hear that Welsh were a team on the up. Not quite there with Exeter or Bedford yet, but on the up.

This one should be a good tester for Bristol to see what&#39;s what with the squad and how things stand. It will be a shame to see them fall from grace (especially after their meteoric rise a few seasons ago), but also maybe a good marker for how much the league has progressed at the same time.

05-09-09, 10:18 PM
Didn&#39;t know you&#39;d signed Merriman. He was a good player for Neath; never been a top-level performer, but he&#39;ll do a job for you in this league. :)

06-09-09, 01:37 PM
Gordon Ross ( Ex leeds and edinbrugh) is their no 10.

The London Welsh team

15: Aled Thomas
14; Dominic Shabbo
13: Neil Starling
12: Paul Mackey
11: Errie Claassens
10: Gordon Ross
9: Nick Runciman
1: Michael Holford
2: Dan George
3: Lorne Ward
4: Matt Corker
5: Mike Powell
6: Jonathan Mills
7: Michael Hills
8: Lee Beach

16: Ben Gotting
17: Dorian Williams
18: Ben Thomas
19: Tom Brown
20: Rob Lewis
21: Greg Evans
22: Paul Sampson

06-09-09, 02:22 PM

Tom Arscott in the Corner, Converted by Jarvis.

Bristol 7-0 Ldn Welsh

Score updates from my brother at the game (the lucky gyet)

06-09-09, 02:24 PM
Whooaah....I was wondering what had happened to Gordon Ross!

06-09-09, 02:29 PM

Thomas penalty.

And another


Silly errors giving Welsh a route into the game.

06-09-09, 02:47 PM
7-9 to London Welsh


C&#39;Mon Bris

06-09-09, 02:51 PM

Dan Norton scores on debut. Converted by Jarvis

14-9 at half time.

06-09-09, 03:10 PM

Jarvis penalty from right in front of posts.

06-09-09, 03:18 PM

Errie Claassens (brother of the Claassens who plays for Bath, bl00dy typical that is)

Converted by Thomas

Bristol 17-16 London Welsh

06-09-09, 03:31 PM

From a missed, short penalty, nobody claimed it McKay catches it and scores. Converted too

Bristol 17-23 London Welsh

#Thats why we&#39;re championship#

Oh and the ref has with a Hamstring inury

06-09-09, 03:35 PM

Jarvis slots a penalty.

Bristol 20-23 London Welsh

06-09-09, 03:38 PM

Jarvis slots another one

Bristol 23-23 London Welsh

06-09-09, 03:41 PM

Lee Robinson scores. Jarvis missed conversion

Bristol 28-23 London Welsh

06-09-09, 03:45 PM
Phew, thank god for that.

Bristol win 28-23. To their credit London Welsh played well and made it a contest and deserved a losing Bons Point. In terms of the whole game Bristol were better than LW. Next week Bristol travel to Birmingham and Sollihul in a bid to make it P2 W2.