View Full Version : RL3 gameplay vids

20-12-09, 02:34 AM
Heres some low quality vids posted by some users on the sidhe forums. They are taken off screen from a demo in a game shop.


20-12-09, 05:04 AM
hard to say much just based off a few youtube videos and what looked like an easy difficulty setting but it looks a lot more fluid and more like a league game than something pretending to be a league game. guys on the sidhe forums are going in tomorrow for another play of this demo so hopefully we get some more footage and information in the next few days.

20-12-09, 09:57 AM
Good looking replays and some nice cut-scenes. Support players/runners seem better as i saw from the footage. Same running/kicking motions but some new ones.. looks decent.

25-12-09, 09:49 PM
looking good to be fair :D graphics look like they&#39;ll be pretty good. Am gflad that the try scoring motions look better than Rugby 06 and 08s one&#39;s <_<
can you download the demo off the wii shop thing?

26-12-09, 01:59 AM
You cant download the demo. Its just at one game shop in Australia.

26-12-09, 09:21 AM
if only you could download it off the wii shop I would be all over it. there is some good news though from reading on the sidhe forums Mario is in talks with HES to get it a few more locations in australia and hopefully one in new zealand somewhere.

26-12-09, 11:52 AM
According to wikipedia (therefore, may not actually be true) its out on the 18th of march.
Theyre going to have to redo alot of the kits, because they&#39;ll all be last seasons ones, wont they?

26-12-09, 09:01 PM
Last seasons lineups and strips won&#39;t be changed, too much extra work and would further delay the game, you&#39;ll have to make what changes you have to and can make yourself.

12-01-10, 02:13 AM
wow it actually looks great - graphically
still looks like the same frustration exists
floaty passes, first receiver standing flat, jolting tackles (when i mean jolt, i mean the tackles all look like massive hits, but they are mearly another tackle......i have yet to see a nice smooth flowing tackle, - its just an epic thud, and ur man have 3 guys on him.....i would like to see the animation toned down a tad, so i can see the progression from standing to on the gorund cause right now, you either up or your down, nobody really falls naturally. The tackles are either complete dominant or complete surrenders.....i have yet to see the in between (which in real life is 90% of all tackles)