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Teh Mite
01-04-10, 03:16 PM


Sunday, Jonah Lomu was tenured as third-line center against Beziers. (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=fr&tl=en&u=http://www.rugbyrama.fr/rugby/teamcenter_tea1547.shtml&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&usg=ALkJrhhrY1xKWpqevOcFn-ESjGhrDfqVXA) Despite the defeat, the test was inconclusive. It will be renewed.

The officers believed there Marseille last fortnight, the idea took shape in the course of last week, with the agreement of Jonah Lomu.

Former All Black (63 caps) began to attack the center of Provence cons Montmélian late November (won 63-18) by hitting only three balls in the game, was then aligned position winger when moving to Carcassonne ( loss 23-10) without success.

Sunday, cons Beziers, he found a new challenge: to win as third-line center.

In this post he began his career in New Zealand before being installed in the wing by the All Black selectors in 1994. With some success but could not prevent the defeat of his own (23-18).

The biggest star of world rugby multiplied the departures level with the crowd, went on the loads.

For the first time since his arrival, he brought a real "plus" the VCR.

Claude Atcher, the Marseille chairman testifies: "It certainly has not marked test but it has really offered three to its partners on these actions, it was he who made the difference. And if he did not prevent our defeat is that he has been released to one quarter of an hour after the match. All this while we had more mixed and five meters of enbut biterrois ... with Lomu on the ground I am confident that the outcome of the meeting was positive for us. If everyone could have had the same investment and even envy him ... "

Because the player felt comfortable in the hallway, he took great pleasure in bringing the phases of combat and individual challenge where his physique allows him to shine.

ecause its contribution to the group can not be confined to locker rooms and on the wings, Marseille is well "equipped" with Codjo and Ourabah.

Lomu said Sunday evening his intention to continue his career next year (he signed for three seasons) after being told, as happy as a junior, his joy of finally having felt positive sensations.

Marseille now has its great 8 to successfully exploit to qualify for finals.

For this, we must fight and Lavaur Graulhet ... before dreaming of revenge against Beziers.

01-04-10, 04:10 PM
I remember someone on here mentioned that they thought he should play at 8 now that he's a bit bigger/slower than he was

lucky number 7
02-04-10, 12:34 AM
i said that about umanga too ...but judging by the hits he made for toulon he should bloody stay out i backs he did excellently

roscommon guy
27-04-10, 11:05 AM
If Lomu is a succes at N8 I hope he would fancy a stay in Galway. We need players that can get over the game line each time they have the ball.

27-04-10, 11:37 AM
Lads ye do realize Lomu started career at No.8 and represented All Blacks there at ubderage level.

27-04-10, 12:28 PM
Never too old to Rugby :))))

29-04-10, 10:51 AM
that was a weird article to read. what was the original language?

29-04-10, 02:52 PM
that was a weird article to read. what was the original language?

French. The title is a play on word on the number 8, and great eight which means rollercoaster...