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01-07-10, 11:24 AM
I hope one of you guys can help me to get some info. I know I can find everything if I look long enough on the internet but since there are some French followers here maybe one of you guys can help me.

Together with a friend of mine I want to visit the match Racing Metro - Stade Francais on the 3rd/4th of december 2010. I don't know yet what day it will be exactly but I would like to know what my best options are.

I want to drive to Paris the night before and sleep at a motel/hotel which isn't too expensive but still normal quality and hygiene. It has to be close to the stadium so we can walk there preferably.

Also I would like to know what is the easiest to buy tickets and if the match will be sold out soon.

Well, I hope one of you French rugby-fans can help me

01-07-10, 12:35 PM
Some advices:

If possible take the train. The stadium is in the suburbs so you won't be able to go there walking, and it's not really a place you want to park your car in anyway.
There is convenient public transport to go to the stadium from Paris.

My 2 cts.

01-07-10, 01:02 PM
Thanks. I will take that into consideration. Train might be more relaxing anyway.

What is the easiest way to buy tickets? And do I need to buy them before I go to Paris or is it possible to buy them on the day of the match?

01-07-10, 01:09 PM
You can probably buy tickets by internet. I wouldn't try to buy them there because it could be a sellout and then you'd be ****ed.

01-07-10, 01:44 PM
Haha. I don't want that to happen haha. Imagine that! Going all the way from Holland to Paris to find out the match is sold out :D

01-07-10, 01:56 PM
3rd/4th is Racing versus Stade Francais, this match may be played in Stade de France or Parc des Princes. I heard that Racing want to play this match in a big stadium. If it's Parc des Princes, at the west limit of Paris, the best is to go there using the subway, if it's Stade de France, Saint Denis next to Paris at the North, you can either buy together with the ticket an entry to the paking lot which is located under the Stade de France or go by train (RER B or D lines). For the hotel there are many in Paris itself at all prices but it is not always easy to find one cheap and offering parking. You can also stay in a hotel outside of Paris in one of the cities that are next to Paris. Check then how far it is from RER or Subway stations. If the Match is played at Parc des Prince you can look for an Hotel in Boulogne for example.

01-07-10, 02:08 PM
Ahhh. Then I have to pick a different match. I want to see them play at their own stadium in Colombes. Will there be information soon about which matches they play at home and which matches they play in alternative stadiums?

01-07-10, 02:17 PM
Only the games against big teams are gonna be moved. Games against Montpellier, Castres, Brives, La Rochelle, Bourgoin etc are all gonna be at Colombes. Which apparently is a dump, unfortunately for all the history and stuff...

01-07-10, 02:26 PM
Okay. Maybe I will go and see 2 matches this season. I definitely want to go to the Colombes stadium. Great history man. World Cup final, Olympic final... Even Pele, Ossie Ardiles and Bobby Moore played there!!!

Apart from the derby with Stade Francais, which match would you recommend to go and see at Colombes?

01-07-10, 02:40 PM
Basically any game against a team in the higher end of the ladder is bound to be a fierce contest. Not necessarily spectacular with lots of tries but it's definitly gonna be brutal. Then again the stade de France is nice as well. france won the WC over there, as did SA in 2007.

01-07-10, 02:46 PM
I know Charles ;) I was there in 2007 haha. Stade de France is a beautiful stadium, I have to say. Well, if you don't really have any specific recommendations, I will just pick one

01-07-10, 02:58 PM
The name of the stadiums for the different matches will be known soon. What you should check too is whether 6N or November Tests are played that same weekend. Racing metro may not be the same team without Hernandez, Bergamasco, Nallet, Chabal, ...

01-07-10, 03:56 PM
Good thinking!!! I wouldn't want to see the B-side of Racing Metro play ;)

01-07-10, 10:17 PM
Good thinking!!! I wouldn't want to see the B-side of Racing Metro play ;)

Well I saw a player in the "B" team that I had admired for a decade at least, Andrew Mehrtens. He may play for Stade Franšais this season... I may be able to see him again.

02-07-10, 03:52 AM
When you go, photograph Chabal, and post them for us to bask in the glory of his image.

02-07-10, 05:21 AM
I will. There's 2 players I want to see that day:

Sebastien Chabal and of course Francois Steyn. I hope I can get a spot close to the field so I can make nice photo's ;)

03-07-10, 08:59 AM
Hi mate,

You mind joining in. I might ask a friend as well so I have wheels to get to Paris and then we can have a beer and watch the game.