View Full Version : Agen show Caucau the door

06-09-10, 01:42 PM
French club Agen announced on Monday that they have terminated the contract of troublesome Fijian wing/centre Rupeni Caucaunibuca.

No surprises here. The "Caucau" soap opera in Agen has come to it's logical conclusion as club president Alain Tingaud and team manager Christian Lanta told the ten cap international that he is no longer welcome.

The big Fijian finally returned to France on Friday, nearly a month after the start of the Top 14 season but was told to pack his bags again at a meeting with the president on Monday.

"He no longer has a place at the club," Lanta told the French press.

"After what he has done to the club, we can't trust him any more," said full-back Brice Dulin.


i wonder whats next for Caucau, such an amazing player! if only he got himself in shape and wasn't so lazy

Teh Mite
06-09-10, 01:48 PM
About time the did something about him. If he were a Northerner, his name would be Cipriani...

snoopy snoopy dog dog
06-09-10, 02:22 PM
$1,000,000 talent, 10c head

06-09-10, 02:47 PM
maybe he'll wind up at the rebels next season. or maybe him, henson and cipriani can form a breakaway club of their own.

M Two One
10-09-10, 02:52 AM
What a waste of talent.

10-09-10, 02:55 AM
Did he ever give a reason why he was MIA?

10-09-10, 08:50 AM
Pity as he couldve been 1 of best wingers in world if had brain inserted in him

M Two One
10-09-10, 04:31 PM
Did he ever give a reason why he was MIA?

From what I've read so far, apparently not. I'm sure that more information will be released soon enough though.