View Full Version : Bristol are now P3 L3

12-09-10, 06:21 PM
Yes you read that right Lost 3.

Following the opening day defeat to Rotherham, Bristol went to Esher and yet again lost after leading at half time. Not even close to that today. Apart from a Sean Marsden try in the first 5 minutes it was a performance that was poor at best. Doncaster were good, solid defending, thier fly half was deadly accurate with the boot and made us pay for our shoddy defense and ill-discipline.

In acctack we lacked ideas and were very predicatble, they must have turned us over more than 10 occasions in the game. Massive improvements need to be made if we are to challenge for promotion.

Teh Mite
13-09-10, 10:00 PM
It all went tits up when Bristol lost the Mem to Rovers, they simply can't sustain themselves now. The fact they didn't bounce straight back (and the fact that Paul Hull is a putz who couldn't get the best out of what was a very good squad last season) means I fear they're in for a very tough time over the next few seasons.

13-09-10, 10:21 PM
Well you're guarenteed a win on halloween at least
Unfortunate to see Bristol like this, really thought they'd be challenging for promotion again (though there's still the majority of a season left to turn it around)

14-09-10, 09:44 PM
Chris, you're totally right. Hull just isn't a head coach. He's a legend at the club and a deent backs coach but I get the feeling from the pre and post match comments and his demeanour from the stand that he is a nice guy coach. Doesn't like to shout and scream when the team isn't playing so well. The thing is if we get rid of Hull as head coahc there isn't a well known coach who would take the jobe really. We would end up with an unknown which would be a bigger risk, arguably, than sticking with Hull. We've been in finacial worry for years and still managed to put in decent Premiership seasons
Olyy, the squad is good enough. They have the talent, our prop Mako Vanupola is a future England prop, he's a good scrummager and carries the ball like a back rower. My olny worry is that there are few leaders in the squad. Little, Jarvis and Greive make up the leaders, lose 1 or more then there just isn't the players to motivate on the feild that we had when we had El-Abd, Salter, Perry et al.

14-09-10, 09:52 PM
On a more happier note London Welsh are third :D

14-09-10, 10:55 PM
The Sky commentators said during the Play-off finals against Exeter last season that Bristol NEEDED to win those matches, otherwise they would struggle for seasons to follow. Early form seems to suggest this might be the case.