View Full Version : Bristol Lose at Home again (stop laughing you lot)

03-10-10, 09:02 PM
Lost 23-16 to Bedford in a game we shopuld and could have won. This may look like I'm just blaming the ref for us losing but I do feel that he (Dean Richards) played a part in the defeat.

Firstly, there was a massive forward pass in the build up to their second try, not as monumentally huge as the Ospreys one but foward enough. Secondly we win 3 penalties in the scrum 5m meters from their line. He doesn't warn them and more importantly doesn't give the penalty try which he should have done. Then later in the game as we attck their line again their number 7 doesn't even bother with the back or side gate but climbs through the lounge window to steal the ball and gets away with it.

Ok, ref bashing over. There is improvement there. From the Donny game to this one we look like two different teams. Up front we are a mobile back, even the 2nd rows can run. That does mean we come second best to a physical pack but get away with it in the loose. In the backs we looked much better when Little went off and Barnes came on. Little had a poor game, kicking lots of ball away when he should have kept in hand. Another acadamy player George Watkins impressed, this kid has pace and he makes running look easy and actually glides past defenders.

Sadly I think we are getting close to the point already where we may not even make the playoffs.

03-10-10, 09:03 PM
Bad weekend for you pal!

03-10-10, 09:07 PM
Yep, not great. Lord knows why I'm buying tickets to Cardiff away tomorrow

04-10-10, 11:42 AM
What a shame. Didn't they beat Plymouth just last week?