View Full Version : Fotunuupule Auelua

Melhor Time
17-10-10, 03:08 PM
I like this player a lot. He played for Toulon as an 8 before Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe arrived. Now that the club has Fernández Lobbe, George Smith, Joe El-Abd and captain Joe van Niekerk it has been good to see Aulelua used as a centre. He has been great at 12 for Toulon though he should be wearing the 13 shirt.

Fotunuupule Auelua is 26, born in New Zealand but played in Sydney before being signed to play for Dax and the Toulon in the Pro d2. He has really improved a lot and should be on Samoa´s shopping list for Rugby World Cup 2007. He should definetly be picked and play in the backs.



17-10-10, 03:42 PM
Top class stuff, but don't you mean the RWC 2011