View Full Version : Serial offender Cudmore cops 40 days

21-01-11, 10:36 AM

Clermont and Canada second row Jamie Cudmore has been slapped with a 40-day suspension at his latest appearance before a disciplinary committee.

Cudmore was found guilty of striking Perpignan's Grégory Le Corvec during their recent Top 14 match and will now be ruled out until February 8, meaning he will have missed five matches (he has been temporarily suspended since the incident).

A serial offender, the Canadian can consider himself relatively lucky his past disciplinary record didn't persuade the officials to give him a heavier ban.

In fact, the match against Perpignan was Cudmore's first appearance after serving a 70-day ban for stamping on Saracens' Jacque Burger in the Heineken Cup.

The 32-year-old - who has accumulated 21 yellow and three red cards since arriving in France in the 2003-2004 season - has played just nine Top 14 games this season and has missed five out of six Heineken Cup games due to suspension.

He will now miss Clermont's home game with Racing next month, a vital fixture in the race for the Top 14 play-offs.



21-01-11, 02:40 PM
While Cudmore and Le Corvec do have a history, this is just stupid doing this on your first game back after a ten week ban. I wonder how long Clermont will put up with this, I think Cuddles only has one strike left before they take more serious action and I think only a few teams would be willing to give a 32 year old guy an overseas spot on their roster with his discipline issues, its one thing to play on the edge and once in a blue moon go over but his anger issues are hurting his club every time he takes the field.

I also wonder about his selection to the Canadian squad at the RWC while he is probably our second best player behind DTH Van de Merwe and our front five is very weak outside of him and Tkachuk, having him sit in the bin or worse get red carded isn't going to help us beat Tonga and Japan, he hasn't played for the national team since 2007 anyway(he wasn't available for the autumn tour this year because of suspension), which won't win him any loyalty points.