View Full Version : We Are Going Up!

13-02-11, 06:18 PM
....potentially, we beat Plymouth at home today to guarentee ourselves a promotion playoff spot. We are in good form at the moment so you never know.

NB: Im not actually deluded enough to believe the above. Just thought I'd point it out

13-02-11, 06:32 PM
Worcesters to lose atm, but anything could happen
Would be nice to see Bristol back in the prem, but at the same time, would be nice to see another new team in as well

13-02-11, 06:38 PM
C'mon the Welsh is all I can say!

13-02-11, 06:48 PM
I depends on the groupings, Worcester should be nailed on faves but then so were we. The Pasties looked good plus Id like to see the big sides play on their beach like pitch.