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04-03-11, 09:12 PM
I searched the forum and was unable to find a specific thread, so I thought I would create a specific thread for the National League 2 North and South divisions.

The reason for me creating is thread is because I'm actually going to be attending my first ever Union game tomorrow when I go see Huddersfield V Luctonians. I know it is only Amature Rugby but I am really looking forward to attending my first ever Union game.

Instead of making a thread about my first game, I thought I would incorporate the whole National League 2 system instead, so I can write up reviews of the games I go to etc, put the fixtures up and post results.

Here are the fixtures for tomorrow (taken from The Rugby Paper, so if there is mistakes, blame them :lol:)


Flyde V Caldy
Huddersfield V Luctonians
Hull Lonians V Kendal
Loughborough Students V Nuneaton
Manchester V Leicester Lions
Preston Grasshoppers V Morley
Rugby Lions V Harrogate
Westoe V Hull


Canterbury V Dungs Crusaders
Clifton V Southend
Hinckley V Richmond
Jersey V Taunton
Old Albanians V Ealing Trailfinders
Shelford V Lydney
Westcombe Park V Newbury
Worthing V Henley

I will post up the results on Sunday Morning after I pick up the paper from the store, and I will also write my match report up for the Huddersfield V Luctonians game either tomorrow night or Sunday.

I aim to keep this up weekly and eventually when I understand more about the division I will write a short couple of sentences about each game stating who I think will win etc.

Feel free to include your own input as well.

04-03-11, 09:15 PM
Will admit I don't know a lot about any of those teams (my local teams are lower down the divisions than that) but I know Fylde have Jason Robinson on the books and Brian Ashton as a coach, and a I know a few players for Loughborough - that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge though :lol:

04-03-11, 09:17 PM
c'mon hgate mike aspinall to have a stormer!!!

04-03-11, 09:23 PM
I have to be honest and say that I have not got a clue regarding Huddersfield, let alone any of the other teams in the divisions, but I am hoping to change that. As I know more about the divisions though I will try and update people to the best of my knowlege, even though my knowledge is actually pretty basic.

I had to phone Huddersfield up asking them how much it was to watch them, as they didn't have any info on their website. They told me it was 8 including a program, so I thought that was a decent price. I'm also missing my beloved first sport in Football to attend too :D, that's not the reason though as I'm actually supposed to be saving.