View Full Version : Championship Playoff Final - Cornish Pirates vs Worcester - Round 1

08-05-11, 09:11 PM
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Mennaye Field Penzance
Wednesday 11th May
Kick Off 7:45pm
Live on Sky Sports

08-05-11, 10:07 PM
What the hell, 500 for Goode!

08-05-11, 10:13 PM
Have a feeling that Pirates may sneak this match, but then Warriors will hammer them at Sixways on the 2nd leg

Hopefully get a couple of good matches out of it though :D

lucky number 7
08-05-11, 10:36 PM
I hear Jack Sparrow is at ten for the Pirates..

09-05-11, 07:09 PM
I am looking forward to this game, I think the Pirates will push to show that they are able to compete at the top. I know they are not going to go up but it would be great to see them win...

The only problem they could have is keeping hold of some of their players, could get poached by some of the richer teams in the Championship or the Premiership..

10-05-11, 07:15 AM
I have a deep sympathy for the Cornish Pirates. Too bad we won't see them playing in the Premiership for a couple of more years. Cornwall is missing out here. Get your stadium sorted!

10-05-11, 12:04 PM
They are working on it... I have seen that the Pirates are trying a couple of things... although never say never, if they win they MAY still go up, the final say goes to the RFU... I guess we will wait and see...

11-05-11, 06:40 PM
Teams for tonight:

R. Cook, R. McAtee, M. Hopper, T. Luke, W. Davies
J. Bentley, G. Cattle (capt), L. McGlone, P. Burgess, C. Morgan
M. Myerscough, I. Nimmo, A. Paver, D. Ward, P. Andrew.

R. Storer, R. Elloway, C. Rimmer, T. Holmes, K. Marriott, J. Doherty, D. Locke.

C. Pennell (capt), M. Garvey, A. Crockett, D. Rasmussen, M. Benjamin
A. Goode, J. Arr, K. Horstmann, J. Abbott, N. Best
C. Gillies, G. Rawlinson, T. Taumoepeau, C. Fortey, A. Black.

A. Lutui, B. Douglas, G. Kitchener, A. Balding, O. Frost, J. Carlisle, A. Grove.

Teh Mite
11-05-11, 06:49 PM
Updates on twitter

11-05-11, 06:51 PM
Games going to be a cracker and a good advert for the Championship.

11-05-11, 06:54 PM
Agree with that however Pirates are making some early mistakes and are currently 5 nil down...

11-05-11, 07:00 PM
Pirates are starting to look more positive...

11-05-11, 07:09 PM
Bentley is looking like a quality player...

11-05-11, 08:13 PM
Pirates have been unfortunate so far, but I wouldn't put it pass them getting a try Worcester haven't been fantastic tonight...

Come on Pirates!

11-05-11, 08:22 PM
Not sure that all the decisions are the correct ones...

11-05-11, 08:25 PM
Gotta love the kicking stance of the Pirates fullback

Pirates seemed to have had a lot more ball than Warriors, but are very static (credit to the Warriors defence there) on the attack, just going side to side and not making ground, and then eventually will knockon or forward pass or get turned over

11-05-11, 09:41 PM
Worcester were the better side tonight.

Bentley looks a good player but stood so deep tonight at fly half was unreal.

Unless something drastically changes I dont think Cornish will win come next Wednesday.

12-05-11, 06:37 AM
One more win and we are back into the premiership :)

psychic duck
12-05-11, 12:37 PM
how come the odds here for Worcester are at 2.00 decimal and 2/1 traditional?

they should be 1.50 decimal and 2/1 traditional

or 2.00 decimal and evens traditional

12-05-11, 12:41 PM
2/1 = put on 1 get 2 back
2.00 = put on 1 get 2 back

It's how a fair few online betting sites do the odds these days, which is where the odds are gathered from

Teh Mite
12-05-11, 12:46 PM
It's the American system which seems to be taking over everywhere. It's a better system then fractions anyway, much easier to understand.