View Full Version : Pablo Huerte to play for Castres?

Melhor Time
21-07-11, 01:32 AM
I´ve been told that Chilean international seconrower is to play the 2011-2012 season for Castres but there is absolutely nothing online to suggest this is the case. Could someone help me out with this?

He is currently playing professionally in New Zealand for the Tasman Makos in the ITM Cup, New Zealand´s domestic championship

21-07-11, 01:39 AM
He played and started in Tuesdays outing for Tasman against North Harbour in the New Zealand ITM Cup. He seems to be a pretty good player as he played fairly well.

psychic duck
03-08-11, 10:53 AM
Yes it is true, Pablo Huete has signed a contract with the Castres academy (espoirs), presumably Castres who will lose Tekori and Kulemin to the World Cup want some cover in the second row and rather than signing a temporary "joker" invested in a young player who could replace the likes of Scott Murray (35), Matthias Rolland (32) and Rodrigo Cápo Ortega (30), in the long term. Good signing in my opinion.

Below is what was printed in the French press (Midol)
and he is listed as playing Castres next season on itsrugby.fr
(he isn't on the Castres website however because he has an espoirs contract, and isn't yet part of the main squad)

Victime d’une double hernie discale, le demi de mêlée venu de Tarbes Thierry Lacrampe va devoir subir une intervention chirurgicale qui le tiendra éloigné trois mois des terrains. Le CO s’est mis en quête d’un joker médical.

Le CO a en revanche d’ores et déjà enregistré les signatures de deux jeunes contrats espoirs. Un pilier droit sudafricain du nom de Kruger (20 ans, 1,80 m, 120 kg) et un deuxième ligne chilien, Pablo Huete (20 ans, 2,02 m, 115 kg), qui évoluait cette saison en NPC pour le club de Tasman. Pour l’anecdote, Huete a été repéré sur vidéo par Laurent Travers alors que ce dernier supervisait un troisième ligne nommé Tiatia, finalement engagé à l’intersaison par l’US Oyonnax.


Victim of a double hernia fracture, the scrum half signed from Tarbes Thierry Lacrampe is going to have to have surgery which will keep him out on the sidelines for three months. Castres has started a search for a medical joker. (Out of interest that medical joker ended up being Rory Kockott)

Castres have however already signed two young academy contracts. A South African tighthead prop named Kruger (20, 1.80m, 120kg) and a Chilean lock, Pablo Huete (20, 2.02m, 115kg), who played this season in the NPC for Tasman. For the record. Huete was spotted on video by Laurent Travers while Travers was scouting a back row called Valeni Tiatia who in the end, signed for Oyonnax.

04-08-11, 09:43 AM
Huete is currently contracted to Tasman until the end of the ITM Cup (he's on the bench for tomorrow's match).

I have been impressed with his form so far.

When is he supposed to start at Castres?