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29-07-11, 10:47 AM
I posted this thread on the Sidhe and found most either except it isn't a problem or are just ignoring the topic.

From watching the videos available, does it appear like the passing used in Rugby Challenge is similar to the league games? It looks like players still wait for the ball or are flat. There are a couple of examples where players make breaks and the support runners seem to slow/stop, catch then run.

This was a problem with the previous league games and especially RLL.

Additional to this I provided feedback to Sidhe which again went down well with the locals.

Bascially from the videos put-up I think the passing is terrible on RC (but all the rest looks amazing). There are quite a few people on their forum that just want to bag RWC and its lack of content, well gues what your games passing (one of the most important elements of rugby is poorly designed).

Well I think the passing in RC has opened up a sore point becuase again it looks like previous league titles and BigAnts RLL.

Check out the videos and try judge for yourself.

29-07-11, 10:51 AM
I'm reserving judgement on in until I've actually played the game, but in the videos the main negative I saw was the passing (something I mentioned here and on the Sidhe forums)

It does look very like the RL titles passing

TRF C A Iversen
29-07-11, 11:22 AM
I feel it looks slightly better than the way passing worked in the Rugby League games, but I do mean slightly. It still has players seeming to catch the ball completely cold and flat footed and other times it's crisp and I'd like to say snappy, but floaty. The crisp part comes from it being a good dispatch, but then something happens and it's like the player and the ball are being synced so that the catch will happen.

What do I know, I've only played Rugby games since 1991 World Cup on the Spectrum and Commodore 64, lol.

The passing in RWC is nice, but not perfect, but there are plenty of other little flaws in other areas from what I can see. Mostly to do with not evolving.

Mind you, I'm trying to be as honest and PC as possible at the same time. You speak ill of Rugby Challenge to any degree, even minor features and your hung, drawn and quartered by some.

29-07-11, 11:30 AM
I came in here thinking there was concerns for the RWC passing I was about to say it didn't look too bad. Should this be in the rc forum? or change the title to say rugby challenge passing concerns?

01-08-11, 05:36 AM
but its in sidhe games so i dont think it should.

01-08-11, 08:11 AM
I moved it across from the RWC2011 section

17-08-11, 10:14 AM

The passing seems close to the rugby league games. I'm yet too decide on which game yet.

But passed on the Game play footage some of the passing seems unusual. In the youtube clip with the All Star Lomu vs Crusaders a couple of the passes were received behind the actual ruck.

Not actually to the side of it, but directly behind it.

26-08-11, 12:16 PM
I'm currently working my way through the Super 15's as the Reds and just about done with this game. As posted earlier the passing is very dissapointing to near rubbish, I can live with the high number of offloads.

The gameplay seems to slow and sometimes isn'r very responsive (playing on PS3).

Overal the Sidhe team have developed a gamne full of features that might keep you interested but the dam gameplay is painful.

Planned to have another crack tomorrow and then list it on ebay next week :(

26-08-11, 02:10 PM
Big shame to hear that - i've seen a few people unhappy with the game now
Was holding out hope it would play better than it looked as I was looking forward to a club rugby game

Still going to get it though, as I never really take much from reviews and prefer to try it out for myself, but it's still a shame to hear it's poor

26-08-11, 02:21 PM
Passing is fine, takes getting used to and patience though. Some teams take a while to realign after a ruck so if you pass too quickly it will go to the deck. It is fun I've scored some nice tries. RWC is a fun game too. Offloads definitely need tweaking you can get a shedload away, thats my one and only gripe really. Gameplay in general is fairly shared between RWC and RC i reckon, both have positives and negatives (like many predicted).

Maybe one more thing I don't think either game does well is giving ruck bias to the team going forward. E.g. after a run over the advantage line your forwards will be moving forward into the ruck while the opposition have to go back round the gate, and vice versa on a dominant tackle. Doesn't seem like this plays a big enough part in who has a better chance at winning the ruck in either title.

26-08-11, 03:32 PM
So quite a few people who are garbage at gaming, play a lot of rugby games.

27-08-11, 03:38 AM
More like, quite of few gamers are willing to buy garbage rugby games.....

27-08-11, 04:48 AM
The Rugby World Cup game is not even worth mentioning, I have played at least 100 matches on that game and still it is two dimensional. The passing is not correct on that game either, when you find a gap (unrealistic) the player runs on his own and when you pass the ball the opposition intercept the ball on every occassion. This is not to say that the passing might not be bad in Rugby Challenge as I have not played the game, but by seeing the vidoes uploaded by my friend it seems miles ahead of Rugby World Cup game. The only official thing about the game is the RWC patch and thats it.

27-08-11, 05:09 AM
The passing is not the problem in RC...

Its the bloody offloads that the worse thing for me.

Next is the editing options for swapping player from team to team is complex as and time wasting...

28-08-11, 07:30 AM
I suppose that you could adjust the ratings for offloads, assuming there is an offloads rating or an option that affects it? I haven't heard anything about this game yet, although it's been released, i can't find any info on it at all, to see and decide for myself. The passing does look a bit odd, but that's just in clips i've seen, and that might be to do with angle of camera more than anything. It's going to look longer if you have a horizontal view. It does in RWC 11 anyway.