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living sacrifice
16-10-11, 08:28 AM
So my first thoughts on getting RC is what a great game, very real in many aspects and 10 x better than RWC which i will exchange next time im in town.

Right then so firstly has anyone found a good kit to use to look like england? The custom ones don't really have any that look similar.

And does anyone know how to add players to a team. Like if you have a squad of 35 and then remove one player so you ahve 34, how do you add one back in?

Spend time on the tutorials and am now very slowely editing the premiership team, that going to take a while!(xbobx copy)

20-10-11, 06:52 PM
If u go to change ur kit when u customise the team u mite find one among the custom kits, I'm assuming their for national teams, but they won't have the England logo on it tho, just the tru blu logo. As far as replacing players tho, ul have to find the player u want to kick out and press the A button, then u can pick whoever u want, then u keep 35 players in ur squad or however many that England have, I thinks it's 45 players

living sacrifice
21-10-11, 11:06 AM
The thing is i was up-dating the premiership squads no and some teams have only 35 places while others have up to 45? So i wanted to increase some of the smaller ones to 45 but were unable to find a way to add in players when you already have al the places filled?

Any help would be appreciated?


27-11-12, 10:40 PM

Please like this page, EA will see this

27-11-12, 10:44 PM
a) I highly doubt they will.
b) EA have never made a rugby game, they publish others games.