View Full Version : Problem with RC Graphic Settings Editor

29-10-11, 01:09 PM

I started to play JL Rugby Challenge, everything was fine, until I began to change some graphic settings because of some latency and graphic glitches in the game, probably due to my Radeon G-Force not good enough.

The game goes pretty well but since I installed RWC kits patch and set (800x600 resolution, even though I have 1024x768 default), crowd disappeared from the stands and I'm no more able to open the graphic settings editor!

Whenever I try to open it (from the game and from steam icon on windows), this message appears:


I uninstalled RC and Steam, and then I reinstalled both, but this problem is still here!

Does anyone have the same glitch?
Does anyone know the possible solution?


09-11-11, 05:10 AM
ask for support on sidhe forum maybe mario & co. or some of the modders will help you out :D

09-11-11, 06:06 PM
Did you back up the files?