View Full Version : Rugby Challenge 10 Nations Online Tournament (ps3)

Daniel Ross
23-03-12, 05:39 AM

This is an 11 week tournament. The first 9 weeks will consist of all teams playing the other teams once. Week 10 will consist of the top 4 teams in points playing in the semi finals and finally week 11 will consist of the final and the 3rd place play off. All players are required to commit to one game a week and must contact their opposing team to organize a time that suits players.
Good sportsmanship is a must. There is to be no quitting or excessive use of dummies. If a player fails to abide by these rules it will result in immediate disqualification of that player for the rest of the tournament and any future tournaments. The team will then be reassigned to another player.
For information on teams avaliable please see link above.

11-04-12, 08:56 PM
I looked at several Rugby games before I ordered, and this looked like the better one. Agree?