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23-03-12, 11:03 AM
Ok im not sure if this has been mentioned in previous posts as I have had a TRF sabbatical for the last 3 months so have patience :) I came across this today by total coincidence and felt it needed attention as it would boost our rugby gaming to the next level instantly with a relatively small investment.


I have just noticed that there is now an offer on Endorphin 2.7 at $999.

Now why post this you may be asking. I remember a few months before RC was released we was told that it had the morpheme engine from naturalmotion but not the Euphoria as it was too expensive. (at $10,000 you see why).

Whats the difference? Im no games expert so im going to post the description from the website.

Morpheme - Through its unique graphical authoring environment, Morpheme gives animators and developers unprecedented creative control over the look of their final in-game animation.

Euphoria - Euphoria represents a step change towards creating truly believable characters, worlds and games. Instead of playing back canned animation, Euphoria uses the CPU to generate motion on the fly – by simulating the character’s motor nervous system, body and muscles.

Endorphin - Endorphin is NaturalMotion’s animation tool for creating virtual stuntmen for movies and films. Using Adaptive Behaviours instead of canned animations, Endorphin’s 3D characters essentially animate themselves. Move two Football players close to each other and one will automatically tackle the other one, realistically trying to grab hold of his legs and bringing him down .
Or not. It really is up to you. Endorphin allows animators to direct scenes in real-time in a way they have never been able to do before. You can change parameters or change behaviours and see the results instantly on the screen in front of you. When you're done, export animation data in one of the many formats, ready for use in your game or VFX shot.
Endorphin has been used in some of the biggest recent blockbuster movies. Give us a call – and we’ll tell you more!

Now surely you all would agree that this needs ton be in our next rugby title AS A MUST. No longer can SIDHE and HB Studios complain that their budget does not allow this feature. I would gladly pay an extra $5 on the game just for this as i am sure you all will.

I know this is unlikely but please can someone from HB Studios or Sidhe acknowledge this thread as an informative thread and under no circumstances does it mean that their respective companies have bought this or are using it in their future games (rugby or not). Just a simple acknowledgement to ensure us dedicated followers that you guys are doing your own research on things like this aswell as us. As rugby is a team game let us think that we (gamers and game-producers) are in this journey together to make the best possible game (gamers) with the best possible profit (producers).

26-03-12, 08:54 PM
You are getting confused. Endorphin is not the same as Euphoria. Endorphin is an animation tool, used for creating physics based simulated animations to be rendered offline. Euphoria is a realtime, ingame physics based animation simulation engine as used in Backbreaker. Endorphin would add nothing to the equation when we already have a full suite of motion captured animation.

The price of Euphoria is "hundreds of thousands of dollars". Indeed, it is enough that the licensing cost of it alone would have consumed about 1/12th of the whole Rugby Challenge development budget. $10,000 would not have been a problem. Unfortunately, as it stands, the price of Euphoria is still prohibitive enough that it does not make sense to include it at this time.

27-03-12, 09:13 PM
In all fairness, the Euphoria engine does a wonderful job of the one on one battles in the phone/marketplace "cutdown" version of the game, but the full blown american football experience does get very frustrating - littlest touch sends your player flying towards the ground forcing the next down. Seeing the engine applied to rugby would be very interesting but it would be a b!t!h to code and manage i presume - especially with the ruck/maul that results after a tackle.

Until Rugby becomes more popular worldwide, we can't expect HB/SIDHE or whoever to invest 100's of thousands of pounds/dollars/(insert currency here) which quite frankly would result in a huge financial loss. In fairness to the both companies, their first efforts on the current generation were indeed great ones, and I'm sure If given the opportunity to make a sequel, they would indeed improve on their already solid platform.

On topic of Sequel etc Hows that "ps vita" version coming along Mario ;) ;) ;) Things being kept very quiet on that :P

28-03-12, 07:48 AM
In all fairness, the Euphoria engine does a wonderful job of the one on one battles in the phone/marketplace "cutdown" version of the game...

I believe the iOS version actually uses baked out animations, not a realtime physics solution.

On topic of Sequel etc Hows that "ps vita" version coming along Mario ;) ;) ;) Things being kept very quiet on that :P

I'm fairly confident there will be news on that soon.