View Full Version : RL2 on PC

St Helens RLFC
08-09-06, 12:44 PM
Thinking of getting online with it when I get online myself; any idea how I would be able to plug a PS2 pad into my laptop?

08-09-06, 01:43 PM
You need a converter so that you can plug it into a USB port. Something like this (http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=23&products_id=93&) will do, but worth looking on ebay etc.

08-09-06, 11:20 PM
Play (http://www.play.com/Games/PC/4-/114167/Play_com_USB_Dual_PS2_to_PC_Convertor_XP/Product.html) has the Ps2 to PC converter too, its priced at 6.99 Delivered.

St Helens RLFC
09-09-06, 11:35 AM
Sounds more like it.

Who has the skills (and the equipment?!) to test me!?

09-09-06, 11:40 AM
I did enjoy the first one, so you never know I may buy RL2 and take you on...