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15-05-07, 09:07 AM
RL3 is likely a long way off yet but feel free to post your ideas for RL3 here.

I will post the better ones in the RL3 ideas thread over in Sidhe' site with full credit to the poster.

15-05-07, 09:09 AM
I would like for it to be better than RL2, which will not be hard at all.

15-05-07, 09:12 AM
all i have heard is that they are in talks with hes but nothing has been decided or anything yet

15-05-07, 09:16 AM
Updated teams

Good Player Creator like in Top Spin 2

More options in-game...

Smooth gameplay like in Rugby 06

Player Suspensions high tackle etc

Career/Manager mode

Rugby League WC 08

Better goal-kicking & tactical kicking options like curving the ball by urself without wind

Emotion buttons like in Top Spin which can alter gameplay eg morale or anger

Bad ref calls every now and then

lots of difficulty levels

15-05-07, 09:37 AM
....Updated teams

Bad ref calls every now and then

lots of difficulty levels....

Updated teams - That's a no brainer. Of course they'll have updated teams for a game which will outdate it's previous title by atleast 2 years.

Bad ref calls every now and then - Bah. That'd be crap.

lots of difficulty levels - So more difficult levels than the usual 3 or 4?. I think it'd be overkill and no need for it to tell you the truth. The difficulties would become too close together.

15-05-07, 10:37 AM
I hope that the menu's etc didn't load as long as it did on RL2.

Personally I liked RL2, except that it was hard to control the player...

If they fixed up the defense, and player movement and graphics then i wouldn't mind it.

21-05-07, 07:41 AM
I hope that the menu's etc didn't load as long as it did on RL2.

Personally I liked RL2, except that it was hard to control the player...

If they fixed up the defense, and player movement and graphics then i wouldn't mind it.

yeah I did find the player hard to move, it wasn't exactly smooth like Rugby 06

22-05-07, 10:32 PM
They should re-release RL1 with RL2's graphics, that alone would be ten times more playable than RL2 and alot less embarassing than releasing sequels that take huge leaps backwards.

23-05-07, 03:55 AM
can i ask what was so bad about RL2???

23-05-07, 04:05 AM
can i ask what was so bad about RL2???


Board cant take that much info :bleh!:

23-05-07, 06:25 AM
hahaha so it's along the lines of that forbidden rugby game lmao

17-07-07, 04:32 AM
I hope that the menu's etc didn't load as long as it did on RL2.Personally I liked RL2, except that it was hard to control the player.. If they fixed up the defense, and player movement and graphics then i wouldn't mind it. [/b]

The graphics were awesome, all they needed to change was the smoothness of the players. it was hard to defend if you were a marker and the hooker took like 5 seconds before he passed the ball. But thr Graphics were awesome.

19-07-07, 12:16 PM
<div class='quotemain'> I hope that the menu&#39;s etc didn&#39;t load as long as it did on RL2.Personally I liked RL2, except that it was hard to control the player.. If they fixed up the defense, and player movement and graphics then i wouldn&#39;t mind it. [/b]

The graphics were awesome, all they needed to change was the smoothness of the players. it was hard to defend if you were a marker and the hooker took like 5 seconds before he passed the ball. But thr Graphics were awesome.


Wouldn&#39;t say the graphics were awesome, but it&#39;s good enough and graphics ain&#39;t everything in these games. In sports games I&#39;d always take good gameplay over good graphics.

23-07-07, 11:11 AM
Sidhe need to start playing Pro Evolution Soccer and then make a League game, not holding my breath for anything soon

23-07-07, 11:34 AM
BETTER CONTROLS!!!! with the exception of the passing system, that was good

24-07-07, 05:27 AM
BETTER CONTROLS!!!! with the exception of the passing system, that was good [/b]

new people making it.

24-07-07, 10:12 PM
Improved kicking and smoother running animations, it felt a bit robotic when sidestepping someone.

07-04-08, 03:23 AM
Just wanna get some feedback on this idea for a control set up for defence.

Controls (PS2/3 controller)

R2=Move defence forward

Use the R2 button to advance your defensive line forward together as one.

The AI would control moving back the ten.

L1=Slide defence <<<

Press and hold the L1 button to slide your defensive line to the left, tightening gaps on the left side of your defensive line and opening gaps on the right side.

R1=Slide Defence >>>

Press and hold the R1 button to slide your defensive line to the right, tightening gaps on the right side of your defensive line and opening gaps on the left side.

L1 + R1=Slide Defence together in line with player with the ball

Press and hold L1 + R1 together to slide your defensive line in together from the left and right side of the ball carrier creating a wall of defensive players, the longer you hold the buttons down the more tighter the defence gets.

Double tap and hold L1= < left side umbrella defence

Double tap and hold L1 to advance players forward from the left side of your defensive line in such a way as to create an arc of players (umbrella defence) that could force attacking play away from the left side of the field and provide an intercept opportunity if the attack risks passing to that side.

Double tap and hold R1= > right side umbrella defence

Double tap and hold R1 to advance players forward from the right side of your defensive line in such a way as to create an arc of players (umbrella defence) that could force attacking play away from the right side of the field and provide an intercept opportunity.

L2=Marker Defence on/off

I came up with this idea while watching the Roast on Sunday and think it is a good one. How I was thinking it would work is with a simple tap of the button you could change the way your defensive line works when marking the opposition players. With marker defence ON the D line will stay spread and perform all actions but with the line fully spread as if marking the whole attacking line, so wingers will stay wide and come in when spread but never too far so as not to leave space out wide that can&#39;t be covered if there is a one on one out wide.

With marker defence OFF I was thinking that the defence when spreading left or right could spread more in field and to one side, being even tighter defensively in the middle and to the side you choose to defend, leaving gaps out wide on the opposite side making it seem more like you are leaving players unmarked out wide, so the trade off for tighter D in the middle and other side of the field is there is more chance of being exploited wider out on the opposite side with cross kicks. (hope it makes sense)

So if you could imagine the above ideas working together in game you get a good idea how realistic the gameplay could be and how many options you could have on defence.

These ideas cover most real defensive options and i don&#39;t think it would be too hard to perform these actions either but if possible an option to give the AI control of player movement could be there for beginners or those who just want to tackle alone.

D-pad Left=Drop back Left Winger

D-pad Right=Drop back Right Winger

This would make defending 40/20s your responsibility

D-pad Up=Drop back Fullback

D-pad Down=Bring Fullback into the Defensive line

I was thinking maybe have three positions for the fullback, Deep, close and in.

Deep meaning obviously deep in prep for a deep kick, close meaning in line with the player with the ball but a few metres behind the defensive line and in meaning part of the defensive line.

Circle=Tackle/attempt one on one strip/control ruck or hold player down

Square=change to nearest player to the ball

X or Right Stick Up=Attempt Shoulder charge

Triangle=Dive for loose ball/attempt intercept/jump for or contest high ball

So in saying all this I really do believe these ideas would create a greater sense of realism on defence and give the player so much more control of the gameplay.

So what do y&#39;all think?, good?, crap?

Thoughts +/-

07-04-08, 03:29 AM
thats pretty good and ill give you a + rep as not many people think about the defense on a game. Its all about attack everywhere.

Though you did miss out speed burst for a defensive player, remember that is important as well. Otherwise its very well thought out, and could possibly work if they decide to make anohter one.

07-04-08, 05:19 AM
Yeah, in my haste to post the idea I forgot about player movement. I didn&#39;t put a speed burst option in as I figured the analog stick is so versatile that a button press is just a waste when you can jog, run and sprint using the stick alone. It would be imo much better and somewhat strangely unique for a sports game. I just don&#39;t see the need for the button tap or hold anymore. Not every game has to be like Madden.:)

With full analog control of player movement and speed, the developer could concentrate on getting the player movement more realistic through the movement of the stick alone. Also with one less button press the other features in the idea can be concentrated on more.

07-04-08, 05:33 AM
Another little thing I just thought of was the Right stick could be used as a strafe button so left and right on the stick makes the players stay square than either flick up to perform the shoulder charge or down for a regular tackle.

Also when controlling your man closest to the ball perhaps if you bring him out of the line quickly the two or three players either side of him could advance forward as well sort of like a rush defence.

22-04-08, 01:42 PM
On The Fly Attacking Options. I&#39;ve been trying for a while now to think of a way to get realistic set plays into the next game, but I wanted them to work in such a way that you could control and create the play on the fly.

Well, I actually think I&#39;ve struck gold on this one. I have come up with ideas that I think can work really well with my earlier defence ideas. The following things could possibly now occur in the game and be controlled on the fly

* Decoy runners
* More realistic kick chases
* Run arounds, Multiples even could be possible
* Mix of run arounds, cutout passes, more realistic kick n chases
* Choice of deep or flat attack depending on aggressiveness

Maybe even more could happen with the controls I came up with that I haven&#39;t even realised yet. Or this idea could go up in flames.http://forums.sidheinteractive.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Anyway here they are, I hope you understand how everything will work as I explain the ideas. I&#39;ll try and explain them as I imagine them working.

Attacking Play Controls (PS2/3 controls)

Left Stick= Move player with ball, jog/run/sprint, Move player without ball in run around play (see on the fly play control for more on this)

Right Stick= Tap X to select between kicking options and running options, a small arrow would appear in front of the player with the ball to indicate that kicking options are selected.

Kicking options are, Punt, Grubber, Chip, Bomb, Field Goal, Cross Kick, Banana Kick Left, Banana kick Right. Each kicking option fits to one of the eight directions of the stick and could be customisable.

Running options are, Jump/contest/Dive for ball, Fend left, Fend Right, Step Left, Step right, Spin left, Spin right, Score Try. Again each option fits to one of the eight directions of the stick and again could be customisable.

Passing= Same passing options as in RL2.

Dummy Pass= Hold L1 and tap L2 to dummy Left, Hold R1 and tap R2 to dummy Right.

On The Fly Play Control *NEW*

L2= Tap or press and hold L2 to have the first player to the left of the dummy half run forward

L2 + circle= Hold L2 and tap circle to have the second player on the left of the dummy half run forward

L2 + triangle= Same as second but it is the Third player instead.

L2 + Square= Hold L2 and tap Square to set off your winger for a cross kick or bomb chase, keep holding L2 when performing a kick and once the kick is up release L2 to take immediate control of the winger for the attempted chase and completion of the move.

R2=Same again for R2 to perform options to the right of the dummy half player.

Now with these options you can create plays on the fly, to perform a run around, here is how I thought it could work.

Lets just imagine the play is to the left, your 9 is at dummy half, he has a player to his left he can pass to, he could with the above options have this player run forward, take a pass, pause while the dummy half runner runs around him and have the ball passed back to him at any stage in the move, here&#39;s how I worked it,

Remember timing will come into it as well so practice will be required to get it to work smoothly,

As the ball is being played press and hold L2 to have the player to the left of the dummy half run forward, while still holding L2 tap L1 to pass off to him, as the pass is recieved the player recieving the ball will pause, turn and brace himself in case of a hit, you will now have control of the dummy half runner, now simply run around the player with the ball and release L2 whenever you like to have the ball passed back to the dummy half runner to continue the attacking play.

The beauty of this play is that it could be strung together multiple times if given the chance by the defence or depending on how deep your attack line is set. Again practice would be required to become good at timing moves but if sussed it could be a great attacking weapon for drawing in the defence.

So now that the run around has been explained, and if you get the idea of selected runners, you could start to imagine the possibilities as far as attacking moves are concerned.

You could have the first runner running through as a decoy, pass to the second, hand off to the next, perform a run around, grubber for the winger......or have the second man left run forward as a decoy to draw defence left then cut out pass, cut out pass to the right, big gaps open, easy try.....I could go on and on.

the options now are plenty and fully controlled by you on the fly. Neat huh.

And I still have the D-pad to play with.

As far as possibly fitting on the fly interchanges and setting aggressiveness on attack just a quick idea could be up and down to set aggressiveness of your attack so the more aggressive the more quicker they play and harder they hit up, the thus tiring them out quicker and the lower the aggressiveness the play slows down and the attack is a bit deeper set and is a bit more structured perhaps allowing for easier fifth tackle options.

Left and Right could be selecting a player to go off and a player to come on in a little window or something?.

For those that don&#39;t want control of play there could be an option for random runners so you just have to pass, kick and perform attacking moves. Something for the kiddies.

I think these are pretty chttp://forums.sidheinteractive.com/images/smilies/cool.gif http://forums.sidheinteractive.com/images/smilies/cool.gif l ideas that I think could work. What do ya&#39;ll think, good or wouldn&#39;t work?.

Feedback +/-

07-12-08, 03:22 AM
Ignore that last meh idea, I like the idea of this one better...


Whenever I think of how to improve the attacking gameplay I keep coming back to this idea, I really think it has great potential. By no means is it a complete idea, there are lots of things that could be added or removed to make it work better but I think it has huge potential for adding a lot more realism and proper attacking structure to a future Rugby League game.

Here goes...

The whole idea in a nutshell is to basically give the player the ability to be creative and create their own set play formations and give them alot more depth and realism in the attacking area of the gameplay, many people have this same sort of idea, I&#39;ve just given it a bit of life to show that it may be doable.

What I was thinking was with the following ideas, the player could have options on attack very similar to how they work in the real game but totally in your control.

Here&#39;s the way it works,

Firstly, controls.

Quite simple, d-pad up, left, right to select a set of four plays for each of the directions for a total of 12, (I left out d-pad down for another idea) by tapping one of the directions again you will select one of four named or numbered plays, you would be able to name them, by double tapping one of your chosen plays directions you will flip your chosen play and perform the chosen play in the opposite direction.

The idea is to give the player options to create set play formations anywhere on the field for any given situation plus directions for movement then be able to practice them as they are being put together to get them right and generally practicing them in a play situation outside of an actual game to get confident with the moves created within each play. Once a play is created you could then set them to a direction on the d-pad. Whether they be named to help easily remember them or numbered so as to help the player know which plays suit certain tackles, game situations or maybe the order in which to use them, I dunno but it would be entirely up to you.

To add depth and more realism to the gameplay I was thinking because there are passing options and not just left or right passing, this opened up this idea even more because when creating a play and when you are setting your play formations, instead of being stuck to one set move, you can create pretty close to lifelike plays involving decoy runners and run arounds and I think even more player specific plays just by adjusting your players formations and running movements.

With a bit of imagination or even copying plays you see your favourite team performing on the box you could come up with plenty of great plays that are uniquely your own.

For example the picture below is of a play formation I thought up which looks like it works quite simply. Well it does, the 10 will run forward and take a pass from the 9 for a hit up...all good right...but wait there&#39;s more...

Now it gets deep, now just imagine this &#39;cos I can&#39;t be rsed putting more pics up.

If you look closely at how I set the player positions, this one single play has alot more to it than meets the eye, as mentioned above in controls, there would be the ability to flip the play, so if you can imagine the formation flipped so the formation works as if it was turned over so now from the same starting position, whatever happened to the left of dummy half now happens to the right and whatever happened to the right of dummy half now happens to the left.

Now not only can the play be flipped which gives you more options from one play but it can also be selected to work anywhere on the field during play. The way I figured was if using the play below as an example.

This play was created near the middle of the field so the player could use both sides of the field, now you could choose the play in the left third of the field but instead of bunching the players up to fit the play in field I thought it best that when selecting the play more to the left or right, if any player is going to be ouside the field of play then only the part of the formation that is inside the field of play should stay the same, the rest cut off and the number of players cut off added to the end of the play to the open side as normal support players.

So now with this one play you would have the ability to use it anywhere and in whatever direction you choose for it. Cool huh?...but there&#39;s even more.....

Now it gets even better, if you look at the picture again from this one single play formation there are heaps of play options that can be done on the fly, with the passing options from RL2 you can imagine the possibilities....go ahead, I&#39;ll give you a minute.

Pretty cool huh?. Thought so, the first one is the 9 can scoot from dummy half left and the 7 could be made to run in support. The second, he could just scoot for quick metres. Third, as shown in the pic the ten could take a pass for a hit up. Forth, and this is a good one and would be a new gameplay feature, the 9 could hold the pass up for a bit, let the 10 could be made to run his line and act as a Decoy Runner to draw in defenders and then you coul throw the pass to the 6 who as first reciever could have a bunch of options himself including kick options and even more passing options. You could do the same when passing to your 7 as first reciever, he has many options as well if you could imagine what some of those could be.

I&#39;ve even been thinking the pass selection options could be set to whoever you want to pass or kick to so you could say while holding the pass button down have a two or three tap option where by while holing the pass button it will show your options, eg the first player is a pass option and the other two are kick options so by tapping to pass then tap for your kick options they will be triggered to chase the ball, thus creating possibilities for specific kick chase options.

Another new gameplay feature I thought up was the Runaround which I have mentioned allready but will again, the way it works may sound complicated but I think it would be quite easy to pull off in game if implemented well.

Again using the play formation example picture below, the 9 passes to the 7 who will pass to the 13 on the run but as you tap to pass as soon as the ball is released hold the pass button down, the 13 will catch and hold the ball and you will now have control of the 7 again to freely move around him and when you think it best to pass back release the pass button to hand off the ball back to the 7. It may sound complicated but I reckon it would work really well depending on the depth of your set play structure.

So the depth on attack and the amount of control you could have over your attack would or could be awesome in my opinion.

You can imagine the possibilities with these ideas, by no means is it a complete idea as there are things I&#39;m still thinking about and other things like specific players in a play and kick chase options to add but I know I get that feeling in my gut that as is this could work well like another idea I had but whether this idea is worthy of a shot at greatness is not for me to decide.

I at least hope it at least triggers new even better ideas that can give us what we are all hoping for in a Rugby League game.

Hopefully someone likes the ideas.

Thoughts +/-


St Helens RLFC
07-12-08, 06:13 PM
You&#39;ve been giving this some thought haven&#39;t you Radman?

07-12-08, 10:25 PM
Yes I have.:)

Do you think it could work?.

07-12-08, 10:33 PM
love the tenacity radman

St Helens RLFC
07-12-08, 10:48 PM
I&#39;ve no doubt at all it could work. I do however doubt whether or not SIDHE are going to go for such sort of tactical depth.

08-12-08, 01:35 AM
im getting a 360 and wanna buy this game
what were rl and rl2 like, ive actually never played them

C A Iversen
10-02-09, 03:27 AM
Then you&#39;ll have a more enjoyable perspective of the second one if you never do, lol.