View Full Version : "Spikey Mike" out for six months!

Sir Speedy
28-03-08, 02:41 PM
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_unio...lsh/7318216.stm (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/welsh/7318216.stm)

I'd first like to wish him good luck with his injury, it's definately not good if you can't play for half a year. You'd also have to say that this isn't bad news for at least one team, the Ospreys, who have Justin Marshall to cover him. For Wales, it might be a little difficult, especially with the Summer Series against South Africa coming up, with Dwayne Peel off form and Gareth Cooper totall ****e. Although it isn't totally glum, as Peel looked to regain some form against the Blues last weekend so we can only hope for the best by the Summer.
This will also give some younger players a chance during the Autumn Series perhaps.
It's a huge blow for Phillips, who was just about in the form of his life, but it will give some younger players a chance at international level (since I can't see Cooper featuring in the next World Cup) and it could give Peel a chance to regain his form without having to watch how Mike Phillips is faring.

Good luck Mike, come back stronger and sharper.

28-03-08, 03:02 PM
Sad news and gutted for Phillips but it's a chance for the other P, who has usually been a better player, to try and rise to those heights again.

I undesrtand that Martyn Williams has said he's going to SA so it's a good news/bad news kind of day.

28-03-08, 06:08 PM
I may be an Ospreys supporter, but if Peel carries on playing like he did against Blues, then i'd be more than happy with him as number 1 welsh scrum half.

Get better soon though, Mike. Peel will indoubtedly get injured some point in the 6 months that you're out. :rolleyes:

01-04-08, 06:41 PM
Blow it is!

I see Andy Williams (Dragons) coming into the fray and pushing Cooper for a bench spot!

13-04-08, 03:06 PM
What a shame. At the beginning of the Six nations, I would have said, no big loss, but now, he is! I hope he comes back stronger than before!

Sir Speedy
13-04-08, 03:10 PM
If Peel keeps playing with the confidence he had on Friday night then it won't be much of a loss.

13-04-08, 03:12 PM
But Mike brings a different dimension, he's strong and the defense have to go tight to cover him. Peel no doubt has better vision. But I hope he stays fit in the next 6 months. Because if he does get injuried, we won't have scrum half in South Africia, because no doubt cooper will get lost again!

Sir Speedy
13-04-08, 03:16 PM
Oh God, Cooper should be out of the equation. No doubt Mike is a better defender but I think his lack of pace and vision can be a hinderence to us at times. He had an awful first-half against Ireland; ruining an unquestionable try-scoring oppurtunity with a God-awful pass, although acertain tackle in that half sort-of redeemed him. :P