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29-03-08, 07:44 PM
There's always a lot of passion and pride going into this encounter, between the two most titled teams of the Romanian championship - Steaua(24 times champions) and Dinamo(15 times), both of Bucharest.

This year's playoff game ended undecided, a hardly fought 14-all tie, with each team managing to score a try.

Below some photos, courtesy of rugby.ro




29-03-08, 09:05 PM
If it's a tie, then who won??? :P

30-03-08, 05:35 PM
Who do you think? <_<
The referee!

30-03-08, 06:31 PM
Ah, a tie like this brings mixed feelings. On one hand I&#39;m upset Steaua didn&#39;t win the match, on the other hand, I&#39;m glad Dinamo didn&#39;t. Anyhow, it&#39;s not every year you witness something like this, especially at the most awaited game of the romanian championship. I&#39;ll mark this along the solar eclipse I witnessed, and who knows what other rare (maybe once in a lifetime) events.

31-03-08, 07:49 AM
The last time was 15 years ago :)

Here (http://www.sport.ro/stiri/31117/Sporturi/Alte-sporturi/Derby-nedecis-Dinamo-14-14-Steaua.-VEZI-REZUMAT.html) a video of the tries.

21-06-08, 07:07 AM
Steaua lost both the Romanian Cup and Romanian National League finals in front of Dinamo. :( Next year hope to be more successfull for Steaua.

25-06-08, 09:14 AM
Why don&#39;t Dinamo or Steaua enter ECC? Why is it a regional side?

26-06-08, 07:14 AM
They used to, until a few years back, when it was decided it&#39;s best, for the interest of Romanian rugby, that we send a representative, more like Romania A in composition than only Bucharest. This makes that our best players get more games together against quality opposition.

27-07-08, 07:55 PM
Does anyone have any videos with Romania or any other country at Rugby World Cup 2007?! If you do , please contact me .. I love rugby so much and I want to collect videos from World CUp...Until now I have only the qf NZL-FRA

28-07-08, 08:26 PM
Hello friends
and especially Romanians
and I would like to say that it&#39;s time to let our rugby clubs into the European tournaments and championships this will add more intrigue to these plays
Cheers from Georgia

28-07-08, 09:27 PM
El Salvador and Bucureşti Rugby (a club made up of the best of the Romanian domestic league) have been good additions to the European Rugby Cup and I think they should add a couple more nations modeled on the Bucureşti Rugby concept.

Anyway, forget that, I was watching Eurosport the other day and they had the mother of all bitch matches: Japan vs China in women&#39;s volleyball!

Actually, could you imagine how awful the atmosphere in a 90,000 seater stadium split 50/50 between Japan and All Black fans would be?

All you&#39;d have would be chants "All Blacks! *cha cha cha*" against chants of "Nippon! *cha cha cha*", awful! Give me the awful droning of the home nations vs the drunken groaning of Springbok fans any day*

*Admit it guys, no matter how good the songs are, its an undeniable fact that we all sound worse than a cat drowning underwater. Drinking five pints before/during the match doesn&#39;t help either.

04-08-08, 10:04 PM
That&#39;s nice.

Stop spamming for downloads <_<