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    Quote Originally Posted by Peat View Post
    He looks like Rogina, tackles like Rogina, kicks garryowns like Rogina... has anyone seen them in the same room?
    Haha. Yeah, I think the reason his garryowens are so high is to give himself a chance to be in other places at once. Unless Wales are playing Ireland in which case all he needs to do is leg it to the opposition bench. Easy.

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    Perhaps he's mastered time travel? would explain why he looks so much younger.
    Soon we shall rejoice

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    Have we all forgot how sh@ Priestland is at goal kicking... ROG was pretty good if memory serves

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    Quote Originally Posted by bushytop View Post
    Have we all forgot how sh@ Priestland is at goal kicking... ROG is pretty good if memory serves
    Fixed it.
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    1. Corbisiero
    2. Best
    3. Castrogiovanni
    4. AW jones
    5. Parling
    6. Lydiate
    7. Rennie
    8. Denton
    9. Phillips(like a lot of people i saw no real stand out 9)
    10. Farrell
    11. North
    12. Fofana
    13. Davies
    14. Cuthbert
    15. Halfpenny

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    1. Jenkins - Best Prop in tournament
    2. Best- mainly due to lack of other hookers putting their hands up.
    3. Cole? - Solid and reliable
    4. Gray - Underated engine and does well at set piece
    5. Parling - Got round park well, and ran the lineout for England
    6. Lydiate - Awesome. Must be in top 3/4 in the world
    7. Dusatoir - Genuine openside with good hands
    8. Morgan - May have played himself into Lions contention. Be interesting to see him at Glaws next year
    9. Dickson - Seemed to have more urgency than the others in a poor group
    10. Farrell - Good decisions and a mature head for a rookie.
    11. North - Always a threat
    12. Fofana - Great finisher big traditional hard running 12
    13. Davies - again lack of contenders but did well in his own right
    14. Halfpenny - Knows where the try line is and can kick a ball a mile off the deck very handy.
    15. Poitrenaud - Maybe not everyones choice but always expected something to happen when he got the ball.

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