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    Best Lions XV 1989 to date (yes, there are Sotsmen in it. And a pacific islander.)

    It is just hard to make a disciplined judgement on these things. Some guys play at quite a different level compared to their best for a long time in their career. In extreme cases not corrobating a few absolutely outstanding displays by consistently performing at this level. The two lock...
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    Your Lions Squad Based on this Season?

    You scared me, but only for a second. You held the line, good example. That Umaga guy is not the issue. But harmless and may be afforded that leeway.
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    Your Lions Squad Based on this Season?

    There you go. I was weary in that respekt. Hope nobody unsuspecting picks up that topic with the Lions captain he brought up. The discipline ought to be kept. That is the best chance of us being spared these endless sermons for good, true to his type.
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    Your Lions Squad Based on this Season?

    Well he deserves to be humbled (and the topic he initiated about the captaincy to be ignored.) Tana Umaga never came clean, let alone apologize. Treating that so lightely hurt the feelings of more participants than me.