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  1. coonor

    [EOYT] Ireland v Australia 16/11/13

    I think Schmidt's player rotations policy is evident here. Positions where a few players are tightly competing are where changes have occurred. Take for example Reddan and Murray. Despite the latter solid performance last week and general improvement, its clear that Schmidt want to see the...
  2. coonor

    Heineken Cup talks "have now ended"

    As a few people have mentioned, the Heineken Cup needed tweaking rather than abandonment. The qualification was the main problem, but that should have been easily sorted through reducing the Pro 12's involvement. However if the Celtic Unions and ERC refused on this proposal then I understand the...
  3. coonor

    Schmidt Era Ireland

    I think the centre combination has a real mystery about it. I expect Darcy and BOD to continue for the time being but Schmidt is a clever man and to not test new players in those positions would be naive. I can't see Earls making any ground at centre and his abandonment of the wing position has...
  4. coonor

    Third Test: Australia v British and Irish Lions (06/07/13)

    I don't agree with BODs dropping but Its a nonetheless a big call! If it doesn't come off, Gatland will go down as one of the biggest clowns in Lions history. The team lacks leadership, experience and cohesion. Gatlands obsession with Lydiate is clear and Tipuric unfairly misses out. The front...
  5. coonor

    2013 Junior World Championship

    The JWC is getting better year on year!
  6. coonor

    ACT Brumbies v British and Irish Lions (18/06/13)

    Scoreline flattering the Lions to be honest. Best has been very poor. You know you have a problem at hooker when in reality Dylan Hartley would be a really asset. Youngs and Hogg have both been poor, to an extent that Youngs is playing himself out of the tests. His kicking has been awful and it...
  7. coonor

    2013 Junior World Championship

    What's impressed me most with Ireland is the consistently superb scrum across all three games. Despite many changes in the front row, to say each player dominated their opponent would be an understatement. The technique of each prop was impressive considering their size. Im wandering has any...
  8. coonor

    Reds v British and Irish Lions (08/06/13)

    You cannot deny both Tipuric and SOB have laid claims to the jersey I.e it is irrefutable. I'm not saying that they are both unchallengeable claims.
  9. coonor

    Reds v British and Irish Lions (08/06/13)

    I think people are overstating Warburtons "poor" performance. In some ways it would appear the people on here are actually exaggerating his underperformance to highlight the continued point of view that he shouldnt be starting the tests despite being captain. Having said that, Warbutons...
  10. coonor

    Reds v British and Irish Lions (08/06/13)

    This is the worse team selected so far, but that doesn't mean it's bad selection. It's a competetive selection with a lot of fringe players being given a chance to impress against what is unarguably the strongest opposition the Lions have faced so far. Personally I'd have liked to have seen...
  11. coonor

    H Cup Final: ASM Clermont v RC Toulon

    Same- supporting Clermont!
  12. coonor

    Pro 12 Semi Finals

    Feel sorry for Glasgow, the ground the made through the contact area was superb. A Glasgow V Ulster final would have been more fitting given the performances of both teams throughout the season. Having said that, this is knock out rugby and the only objective is winning.
  13. coonor

    Pro 12 Semi Finals

    I've said this before and I'll say it again, Kevin McLaughlins defence is shockingly poor for a flanker!
  14. coonor

    Pro 12 Semi Finals

    What's happened to the Leinster crowd? The stadiums half empty!
  15. coonor

    Jonny W vs Dan Carter

    I like the way that pass looks so brilliant and true enough picks out the player well but is technically its an awful pass :P
  16. coonor

    2013 British and Irish Lions

    Still think Australia will be licking their licks at the thought of the lineout. It seems that lineout throwing is an aspect that has really dropped in terms of hooker qualities and strength around the park and at the breakdown has become a greater concer for some. The selection of Maitland is...
  17. coonor

    2013 British and Irish Lions

    The day is here and after months if not years of speculation the squad is announced to the delight of some and to the dismay of others. Buts at the end of the day and through the mist of reaction, four nations unite as one. Enemies become friends, jeaslousy becomes admiration and hope becomes...
  18. coonor

    Where Does Your Team need to strengthen+ What Is Your Teams XV for next Season

    What Leinster need to is for some young, high potential finge players to make a breakthrough season. Look at The other provinces. Munster have seen Zebo, POM and Kilcoyne all make their way into the starting team as key players in the last two seasons. Ulster have developed Marshall, Jackson and...
  19. coonor

    Pro12: Round 20

    To be honest incidents like these should be dealt with by independent judiciaries and not end at the citing commissioner. How can anyone argue that this incident is not worth review by a judiciary, regardless if a ban should be put in place. Is quite clear that this issue is not clear cut and...
  20. coonor

    Margaret Thatcher Passes Away

    In my opinion Thatcher was one of the best PM's of the modern time in terms of economic and foreign policy. The revolutionary but extreme economic policies that she implemented was undeniably controversial but almost unequivocally required. Where Thatcher falls down is in regards to her social...