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    Premiership Rugby 19/20 - Rd 14

    Yay!! Shame the Sharks aren’t at home. I’ll have to save the “behind closed doors makes no difference” jibe for another time. Great to have it back. Hopefully nothing happens over the next week to screw it all up.
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    what was the best rugby world cup

    Thought Japan was outstanding but 91 for me. 87 was really a trial and 91 was the first proper RWC. Went to 3 Eng games including the quarter and semi. The QF against France in Paris is unlikely to be topped as my favourite live match for a whole host of reasons. Shame the final was one that got...
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    2019-2020 transfers

    I don’t think it is career suicide. It’s not like he’s the next guaranteed cab off the rank for Eng. Playing in a different culture with a different way of doing things can only be beneficial to his game and his personal development. If it isn’t then that says a lot about him. He’s only 22, he...
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    Izzy Folau

    No right minded person can argue about the basic premise, but I’ve felt uncomfortable watching the organised taking of the knee. Partly because not all the people doing it will believe in it - the law of averages tell you that. Partly because some people will have felt compelled to do it when...
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    Izzy Folau

    His right I guess. But...... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/aug/02/st-helens-overwhelm-catalans-dragons-as-israel-folau-refuses-to-take-knee
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    (Clean) Rugby Stories

    Back in the day our local rivals had a hooker with one arm that finished at the elbow, I’m guessing through amputation. Played against him a few times, always got stuck in and wasn't a bad player at all. Played a full part in the front row banter and used to get his retaliation in first on the...
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    Exeter Chiefs thread

    Chiefs to keep name / logo. I think that’s fine, some others may not. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/53587404
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    Autumn Tests Replaced

    I know things are far from normal but this means a tournament involving the 6N teams starting a fortnight after the 2020 6 N concludes and finishing within 2 months of the 2021 6N starting. I’m sure I’ll watch some of it but I can’t say the idea really floats my boat. It’s a financial decision -...
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    2019-2020 transfers

    Quite. This is where Ferguson was so good at Man U. Even when on top he constantly looked to improve and refresh the team bit by bit and was pretty ruthless along the way. No-one can win all the time, but bar maybe a bit towards the end he never let a team fall off the edge of a cliff...
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    2019-2020 transfers

    I’m comparing Tigers to teams who have been able to stay at the top for the past few years displaying precisely the kind of hallmarks that Tigers used to have. Fair points about the styles of play, but you can’t stay at the top without cohesiveness and stability both on and off the pitch. Hard...
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    A Political Thread

    Trump wishing Ghislaine Maxwell well. Even Andrew managed to avoid doing that. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/21/donald-trump-ghislaine-maxwell-i-wish-her-well
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    2019-2020 transfers

    Ignore salary cap issues for a moment...... Far and away the 2 best clubs recently have been Sarries and Chiefs. They share a lot of common traits - continuity of leadership off the field, a squad with a strong core of English players, many local, and squads that have developed by evolution...
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    Introducing Tyrese Johnson-Fisher

    Interesting article on TJF. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/53447399 In his own words he was always an athlete playing rugby. Still trying to make it in gridiron, which is a sport a number of athletes have successfully converted to. Whether he’s that exceptional a talent compared to...
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    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    Won’t come as any great surprise to anyone. https://news.sky.com/story/chief-nurse-ruth-may-confirms-she-was-dropped-from-number-10-briefing-amid-dominic-cummings-row-12032755
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    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    Same. Bar yesterday when I wore lounge pants all day.....or pyjamas if you listen to Mrs OH, either way not good.....I had not worn long trousers of any description. And haven’t been anywhere near a collared shirt. If I have a Zoom meeting I’ll change from a t shirt to a polo shirt, and then...
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    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    Significant return to normality by Xmas eh? Will believe it when I see it.
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    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    I’ve got the same travel issue / concerns. WFH all the time is driving me nuts, but I’m not going back to London until I can be confident in the travelling. We can work effectively enough from home and I’ve resigned myself to WFH until next year sometime. Fair play to my employer, they’ve been...
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    I wasn’t too far shy of 40 when I stopped. Ankle’s a bit lumpy where I broke it but doesn’t really cause me any problems. Main issues are a crunchy back & neck and a couple of shoulders that don’t have the flexibility they might - one was operated on. Can’t exclusively blame rugby - weights...
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    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    At least there will be an independent inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic. Quite how independent and when remain to be seen. If undertaken properly I can’t see that it can be anything other than hyper critical and will hopefully cost Johnson his job.
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    2003 - It's all about St Jonny

    It’s not done him a disservice in England! Rightly revered as one of our very best not just for what he did but for his commitment and the way he redefined the FH role. Refusing to bow to injury when many others would have further endeared him to us as did his loyalty to unfashionable Falcons...