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  1. TRF_Cymro

    England 7s done

    WRU will be hot on their feet at some point doing the same. Be interesting to see what the SRU do.
  2. TRF_Cymro


    Good news. Fingers crossed for more leagues / teams in the future.
  3. TRF_Cymro

    what was the best rugby world cup

    Everytime referee ... Also 2007 had the old Paddy Power tried to boost the cash-strapped coffers of the Tongan rugby team by asking them to dye their hair green before their pool match against England. They also tried to get Epi Taione to change his name by deed poll to Paddy Power. World...
  4. TRF_Cymro

    Why don't we just make our own rugby game

    Well aware of this. Had some insight into it through work and relatives within the social media marketing industry, know how much work is needed but also aware of the massive benefits of it. Still stand by what I know and see as little meaningful interaction from some companies on social...
  5. TRF_Cymro

    What games are you playing?

    Seen a lot about it. Gutted it is not on the Switch / Xbox!
  6. TRF_Cymro

    2019-2020 transfers

    Been a cracking player to watch!
  7. TRF_Cymro

    Why don't we just make our own rugby game

    Social Media interaction is the easiest form of marketing, it can cost as little or as much as you want. The secret which not many companies do is use it to interact more with fans / potential fans. If they did more then it would drum up more interest.
  8. TRF_Cymro

    what was the best rugby world cup

    This. Japan embraced the old WC and took lots of teams on board. The support Wales had from the locals was incredible. Plenty to celebrate too with their rugby too. 2019 is a success not a failure.
  9. TRF_Cymro

    what was the best rugby world cup

    2015 (Host Nation England) ... 2007 (Host Nation France) ...1999 (Host Nation Wales) ... 1991 (Host Nation England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) ... 1991 was really the true multi host nation, it was given to all those nations to host. 2015, 2007 and 1999 were given to a host nation who...
  10. TRF_Cymro

    2019-2020 transfers

  11. TRF_Cymro

    2019-2020 transfers

  12. TRF_Cymro

    what was the best rugby world cup

    1995, 1999 or 2019 for me. All had their exciting parts. Being lucky enough to attend the 1999 RWC Final will always be special to me.
  13. TRF_Cymro

    Izzy Folau

  14. TRF_Cymro

    Super Rugby Aotearoa: Round 8 - [1 - 2 August 2020]

    I despair with some of the standards of officiating that is going on ... so so inconsistent!
  15. TRF_Cymro

    Wide fit boys boots?

    All about trying them on, personally found Adidas boots the best for this, also Under Armour are good for wide feet too. I have this issue with my feet also, but it is all about trying them on and seeing if they are comfortable.
  16. TRF_Cymro

    For talking rot.

    Do love Chrome for this! Also no better feeling than a new laptop / computer. Only for me to fill it with absolute junk :(
  17. TRF_Cymro

    Transfers rumours

    Paul Tait on Twitter posted something about this yesterday. With Argentina rugby stuff he's pretty spot on, so I'd imagine there is legs to this.
  18. TRF_Cymro


    :cool: ... long time lurker ... Thanks. Still finding it tough to pull the trigger at £50 over here. Would love a rugby game on the switch or Xbox. Has a release date for the final version been announced?
  19. TRF_Cymro

    What TV Show's are you watching/looking forward to?

    The Last Dance is incredible! On Amazon Prime the All or Nothing series are great. The Leeds United behind the scenes is amazing too.