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  1. psychic duck

    Can we say Scotland are actually back now?

    Why dismissive? They had an impressive November series which included some really nice rugby too. They've brought in some very good acquisitions from overseas in Nel and Strauss, and additionally are now helped have players experiencing success in high end European fixtures at domestic level...
  2. psychic duck

    Sale Sharks player allegedly being investigated for leaking info to opposition

    Shame for his Sale career to end like this. Always thought both Arscott were handy players at Premiership level. If I recall correctly Luke Arscott had an acrimonious departure from Exeter as well.
  3. psychic duck

    Will Dylan Hartley ever learn?

    Johnson got involved in way more fisticuffs on the pitch than Hartley. Difference was disciplinary was much softer back then towards brawls and scuffles so his punches didn't always get bans and when they did they were much more lenient (especially as he was England captain).
  4. psychic duck

    NZRFU V RFU (Tews V Ritchie)

    Better way of putting that is 'All Blacks wants Yanks to watch them in the USA' or 'All Blacks want Japanese to watch them in Japan'. Unions like USAR or JRFU have nothing remotely like the financial power to afford those prices NZRU ask of the RFU. They are only going there in the longer term...
  5. psychic duck

    A Political Thread

    Reportedly he clarified himself to say he meant ISIS when asked: https://twitter.com/PolhomeEditor/status/748503211036803072 Corbyn has cosied up to and allied with some of the world's most odious anti-semites for years. He's a despicable man who was voted into opposition leader by some very...
  6. psychic duck

    A Political Thread

    Corbyn is a ****. Corbyn always has been a ****. Allowing the 'activist left' to decide Labour leader was always going to be a disaster for everybody.
  7. psychic duck

    Transfers rumours

    There's no way Toulon are going to even consider signing him.
  8. psychic duck

    A Political Thread

    He's worked with numerous utterly vile Islamists and attended or spoken at numerous of their events. Far too many list. But just one example, he was called when working for the Muslim Council of Britain to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Home Affairs about Yusuf al-Qaradawi, he complained...
  9. psychic duck

    NZ vs Wales - June 2016

    Agree. Totally nuts to suggest dropping one of the most dependable players we have and one of the leaders of the team.
  10. psychic duck

    A Political Thread

    Corbyn is a joke and has had loads of cases like that. He has literally buddied up with Islamists who call for things such as homosexuality to be punished by death (among other things) and in his own words called them 'very good friends'.
  11. psychic duck

    A Political Thread

    Did he go to Islamist events and give nods towards some extremely foul and unpleasant characters? Yes, countless times. Questioning of his judgement in doing so is entirely warranted.
  12. psychic duck

    A Political Thread

    In fairness, whilst he's obviously not himself an Islamist, Sajid Khan attended a multitude of Islamist events and gave nods to some incredibly vulgar characters. If any politician had spoken at a white nativist event then questions would rightly be asked, even if they weren't one themselves...
  13. psychic duck

    Boxing Thread

    Wlad is actually a really decent, likeable and intelligent guy. Just boring in the ring though.
  14. psychic duck

    Jiffy having a go at the Italians...

    Sorry, but this is nonsense. The timing of Italy's admission might have had some relevance to their results back in 2000 or 2001. But it is no excuse for their continued failure to develop stronger teams 15 years later. Also there's absolutely no way a Santiago Phelan coached side would have...
  15. psychic duck

    The Reconstruction of Irish Rugby 2016

    As a Welsh fan I would be delighted if Ireland dumped Schmidt.
  16. psychic duck

    The Future of Pacific Island Rugby

    Not from the Pacific Islands, but I can tell you with some certainty that no that wouldn't work. They already tried a Lions style Pacific Islanders side and it failed badly. Concepts like the Lions or West Indies have long history. The PI side was a mess that nobody from the Islands particularly...
  17. psychic duck

    The Future of Pacific Island Rugby

    And guess what Nick ... basically everybody got at least one seat apart from the Pacific Islanders who failed to meet the minimum standards of governance. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/international/78287768/Pacific-Island-rugby-in-danger-of-being-left-behind-around-World-Rugby-board
  18. psychic duck

    Conor O'Shea

    Would be interested to hear the views of regular Aviva Premiership watchers on this. Seems Quins had a brief period of overachievement at the top of the Premiership, but have since slipped to mid table. But how good is Conor O'Shea as a coach and a manager? Is he a coach well suited to...
  19. psychic duck

    SH v NH annual showdown. I reckon it's a go-er...

    You are aware Parisse carried Stade to a Top 14 title last year in the toughest most attritional league in the world?
  20. psychic duck

    [2016 RBS Six Nations] Round 4: England vs. Wales (12/03/2016)

    Since when was 'gypsy' a race? Honestly, I look at Samson Lee and just see a slightly round man with Celtic heritage. I would never have known he was a gypsy if it hadn't been pointed out before.