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  1. iamastormer


    Massively excited for this game!! Does anyone have any info on which teams are licensed? For example is the sunwolves/ jags in superugby? Are their North/ South island teams? Also wondering if they have a 8 team curriecup. Would be nice if they could launch a playthrough video.
  2. iamastormer

    Kits 2017/18

    Look at his last post.
  3. iamastormer

    Barbarians FC different socks?

    Small things that make a game so enjoyable! It’s a shame it wasn’t added to RC3. I messed around with the hex editor and tried comparing RC2 database with RC3 but was unsuccessful.
  4. iamastormer

    RUGBY 08 PATCH 2018/19

    Can someone please share the files i need to unlock the british and irish lions squad and tour. I want to play 08 with the original roster(no mods) but would just like the lions added so i can do the tours (want to play the 2009 tour). I would really appreciate it if someone can help me with this.
  5. iamastormer

    Coloss mods for RC3

    Hi man, hope all is well! Did you ever create Semi?
  6. iamastormer

    Barbarians FC different socks?

    I played RC2 a bit and remembered that the barbarians players used to have the socks of their club teams on. I was wondering if someone might have found a way to carry that over to RC3 and could advise me please? Would be a nice add on while waiting for RC4.
  7. iamastormer


    I agree, rather show us short videos of new features than teasing us with screenshots. There is talk of them not allowed to disclose too much but it still feels that they can do a bit more, especially since the game would have been released December 2019
  8. iamastormer

    Collection of Mods ~ Zippy

    Thank you so much man! that was quite fast Appreciate your time and effort.
  9. iamastormer

    Collection of Mods ~ Zippy

    Hey man hows it going? Wanted to ask if you would be able to do a red bull scrumcap or headgear like the one jack nowell wears? I understand that you might be busy so. Just think it would be a nice touch to the nowell you created. Cheers!
  10. iamastormer

    Dolf's Mod

    Rudolph can you please share your database? i lost mine and don't want to download the whole patch.
  11. iamastormer

    Gabi Mods

    Hey man, hope all is good! Can you please share the Marcus Smith face file you have created? and maybe any other knew ones too? Cheers
  12. iamastormer

    RC3 Editor

    In my experience the skin tones changes to 1 number higher everytime you edit a player, an easy solution is just to type in a number lower than what the players has, or example i am is a 7 just put in 6 before you save, if it is a player with a tattoo say 289 then just put in 288 and it will...
  13. iamastormer

    Coloss mods for RC3

    Hey man, hope all is well! Was wondering if you ever created the faces for these ?? I discovered that you can find the 3 refs using frans’s editor, just scroll down from the top of the players list (first 100 or so) and you will find 3 nameless players from NZ, after i gave them names and they...
  14. iamastormer

    Kits 2017/18

    Link doesn't seem to work?
  15. iamastormer

    Kits 2017/18

    maybe if you stretch this a bit?
  16. iamastormer

    Changing music in Rc3

    Can't help with that but check out zippy's collection of mods on the fist page he has a link to an updated music file.
  17. iamastormer

    Gustav's Mods

    Thanks for the reply anyway! Maybe some of the other modders will have a go, I don't mind the wait. I will and hope you do too!
  18. iamastormer

    hattingmarius skin creations

    Did you read my previous message?
  19. iamastormer

    Kits 2017/18

    THANKS man!!! looks real good