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  1. sigesige00

    Sinbin time

    There is a big problem. Team A's player received a yellow at 65:00 and spend 10 mins in sinbin. Then team B's player received a yellow at 80:30 and spend only 15 seconds in sinbin before the end of the game. Is this equal?
  2. sigesige00

    Jaguares Out Of Super Rugby?

    Jaguares and RSA teams out, and Sunwolves in.
  3. sigesige00

    Playing Union

    Hi, could you tell me your RL club?
  4. sigesige00

    Super Rugby Australia

    In the case of 2nd yellow card, the player is already binned after the 1st yellow card. So total time is 20 mins (equal to the straight red card).
  5. sigesige00

    New name for Rugby League

    https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/53005534 RL's Super League is going to abolish scrum, although not permanently. If RL abolished scrum permanently, RL can be called "Nonscrum Rugby".
  6. sigesige00

    Super Rugby Australia

    It's was not enough. Good changes are about touch-kicks and ingoal drop-outs. I disagree with golden score and 20-mins for all red cards. It should be: Straight red cards--20mins 2nd yellow red cards--10mins
  7. sigesige00

    Super Rugby Australia

    Super Rugby Australia's new rules are very good. Make Rugby better!
  8. sigesige00

    North Island vs South island

    Could you tell me the name of the Scotland-born SH in Super Rugby Aotearoa? Is he going to play for Scotland?
  9. sigesige00

    International Rugby Jersey

    Why number on front is unnecessary? Even refrees sometimes say "number please" to players who committed foul.
  10. sigesige00

    The Tennis Thread.

    Tennis should unify the surface. All world-ranking tounaments should be played on hard surface.
  11. sigesige00

    New name for Rugby League

    The name "Rugby League" is very confusing, because there are Rugby Union competitions named "Major League Rugby" or "Top League". "Flanker Rugby" would be the good name for Rugby Union. So, what name would be good for Rugby League?
  12. sigesige00


    All-white games are not very spectacular.
  13. sigesige00


    Wimbledon must abolish the white-colour code.
  14. sigesige00

    Rule differences between 7s and 15s

    Is it possible to merge RU 7s and RL 7s? Since RL players often play RU 7s (like Papua New Guinea), there is unlikely a big gulf between RU 7s and RL 7s.
  15. sigesige00

    HSBC Sevens Series 2020

    Has the 7s World Series 2019~2020 been already abandoned? Will there be no promotion/relegation?
  16. sigesige00

    Referee decisions during World Cup

    I watched Japan v RSA QF again. When Tendi Mtawarira (RSA number 1) committed a serious foul, refree immediately showed a yellow card (9:48). However, if the refree checked video, he would have changed yellow to red. (The score was Japan 0-5 RSA at that time.) If Mtawarira had had been sent...
  17. sigesige00

    International Rugby Jersey

    No player number is inconvenient for both refrees and spectators. If not on jerseys, players should wear scrum caps with numbers or paint numbers on face.
  18. sigesige00

    15 backs v 15 forwards. Who wins? Discuss.

    Imagine a team consisting of 7 FWs and 8 BKs would be more realistically. There are small number of players who can play as a Flanker and a Centre. In that case the 7 FWs-8 BKs system would work well.
  19. sigesige00

    Number and Position names

    That player number and position name are same is sometimes confusing, like when 20 is playing as Number Eight.
  20. sigesige00

    Number and Position names

    >What if the team plays with right/left centres or flankers instead of 1st/2nd or open/blindside? Left Centre is 11 and Right Centre is 12 would be good. >number 7 and number 10 decide to switch places after 10 seconds into the game. Not illegal, but undesirable.