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  1. Getofmeland

    Test Match 2: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions (Wellington)

    The rules of the game are global... There are not just rules for the North and South... So as said get back in your box. If we had done that to Dagg you would be shouting Red... So go get back in your box!
  2. Getofmeland

    Test Match 2: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions (Wellington)

    You're really going to go there... There was no attempt to wrap arms...
  3. Getofmeland

    Test Match 2: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions (Wellington)

    Its a red anywhere and on any code... So get back in your box... The all blacks aren't immune to the rules!
  4. Getofmeland

    Forum runs muuuuch smoother

    Forum does seem a bit faster, but still having issues with bits rendering when scrolling... Also seems to be a problem with the Blog - http://www.therugbyforum.com/blog/
  5. Getofmeland

    Rugby World Cup 2015 - England

    I understand the biggest tournament in Rugby is happening next year in the UK... And can't see anywhere to post about it on this forum, or any promotion for it... All I have found is one for The Rugby League World Cup from last year, which I would of assumed would of been archived by now...
  6. Getofmeland

    Legendary Hedges

    Just because it always needs a bump from now and then...
  7. Getofmeland

    Pro Rugby Manager 15

    Just received this....
  8. Getofmeland

    Rugby '15 announced

    Have a job all the contacts at HB we had have left!
  9. Getofmeland

    It's May

  10. Getofmeland

    Massive lag, takes minutes to open each thread from the UK

    Had similar issues, have also had issues with Hostgator page coming up, unable to see site... Very intermittent....
  11. Getofmeland


    If you want an achievement, I will give you an achievement.... I have been an Admin/Owner on this forum for 9 Years and 3 Months... And today is the first day of the rest of my life as I have now left the place!
  12. Getofmeland

    Aviva Premiership - Round 19

    Haha just been on Shed Web and one of the threads on there is stating how proud he is being Glos Supporter after Yesterdays disgrace... At the end of the day, going to Glos is always going to be a tough game, so to come away with the win is the main thing, obviously there needs to be some kind...
  13. Getofmeland

    What TV Show's are you watching/looking forward to?

    This year I have watched the following shows: Breaking Bad - all 5 series House of Cards - 2 series Game of Thrones - season 1 Starting to watch/continuing: Grimm How I met your mother Big Bang Theory Game of Thrones Marvel Agents of shield From Dusk til Dawn the series The Following True...
  14. Getofmeland

    Weird posting problem on my PC

    First things first have you tried IE or Chrome? If not give them a go, if they don't work clear your cache and history, to ensure its nothing lingering there.
  15. Getofmeland

    [2013/13 Premiership] Round 17

    Some good results this weekend... Quins look unlikely to get playoffs this year. Bath had a cracking win, looked tight during the first half but the second seemed to go there way. And as always lovely to see Saints lose
  16. Getofmeland

    Best TRF User

    Sorry I am late to the party, but you clearly know the Best TRF Member in the history of TRF has to be...................... LOS LOVER
  17. Getofmeland

    2014 6N awards

    I think the Scottish showed promise throughout the tournament, they need to start kicking it up a gear tho, they have some talented players... I would actually like to see the Scot's compete...
  18. Getofmeland


    So I bought one of these the other day to see what the hype was all about, and I must say its an impressive bit of kit... However it needs to be made better, would love to have more apps available from the desktop, so that I can stream apps rather than a webpage... Also the way it works with...
  19. Getofmeland

    New Cycling season

    Can't see too many challenges, however I am interested in the Wiggins/Froome situation, will both race in the tour?
  20. Getofmeland

    [2013/13 Premiership] Round 17

    Had an email from BT Sport, believe 4 games are being shown live this weekend... Worcester vs Wasps Sarries vs Quins London Irish vs Bath Leicester vs Exeter Predictions for the round: Wasps by > 7 Northampton by > 7 Gloucester by < 7 Saracens by < 7 Bath by < 7 Leicester by < 7