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  1. jonny24

    Pro12 looking to expand to the East coast of North America (New York)

    Rogers Centre isn't really an option. The Jays kicked the Argos out so they could have full control, and then replaced the infield with real dirt. They were also supposedly looking into real grass, but I think that's been shelved. I don't know if Rogers would want to put the money into...
  2. jonny24

    Dysfunctional scrums - the agony continues

    The especially infuriating thing for me as a player is that a LOT of the problems that occur at the pro/international level don't really occur nearly as much at lower amateur levels in my experience. So we're forced to learn new rules every couple years to solve problems we weren't having.
  3. jonny24

    The Global Season is it really achievable.

    AP would work pretty well in a conference system. 6 teams in each, home and away in your conf and one game against out of conference. 10 + 6 is 16 games, perfect length for a season. Top 2 in each play a semi final, the winners play the final. You could have a relegation playoff between the...
  4. jonny24

    PRO Rugby North America (Proposed kickoff April 2016)

    Too bad Ohio couldn't capture it with the win, but oh well there's always next year. I didn't manage to watch as much as I'd have liked, but hopefully there will be a Canadian team to cheer for soon.
  5. jonny24

    Toronto Wolfpack planning Super League ascention

    I keep seeing this comment, and I don't get it. None of the major sports here have very many away fans. That's what happens when teams are hundreds of km away from each other. It's just a non issue. Disadvantage to who? Home field is supposed to be an advantage.
  6. jonny24

    Artificial Pitches

    It gets distracting to have other colours. Ever try to read something on red paper? Black would get way too hot. And then teams would need to switch jerseys based on pitch colour as well as opposition colour. Google Boise State football field, I can't get the image to work. I wouldn't be...
  7. jonny24

    PRO Rugby North America (Proposed kickoff April 2016)

    What I've read is that just one (Ohio) will be east of the Mississippi. Probably Denver for the last one.
  8. jonny24

    Questions on Boot/cleat selection in Canada - Southern Ontario. Prop.

    Not to be picky, just educational, but it definitely is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Ontario Anyway, back on topic. Do many tight 5 guys on here use molded cleats? I've always gone studs as a second row, molded ones just don't seem like they'd be enough.
  9. jonny24

    Questions on Boot/cleat selection in Canada - Southern Ontario. Prop.

    I know exactly what you mean with our ground here... mid summer it gets pretty hard, lots of cleats poking through etc. Unfortunately I haven't found the solution yet. (I play lock). So far my Mizuno's have held up for two years, but the sides are going to blow out this year. And the Adidas I...
  10. jonny24

    Rules question re: charge down

    Great response, I learned something. - - - Updated - - - Great response, I learned something.
  11. jonny24

    2nd row scrum binding question

    I do the same thing you described, the first lock will reach a round and basically grab the armpit of the other's jersey, then the other will reach over and grab waistband or maybe jersey. Who does what tend to be whatever is most comfortable based on heights, on my team anyway. For the prop...
  12. jonny24

    How would Centralised Contracts work in the AP?

    He meant Messiah, ie saviour.
  13. jonny24

    USA Rugby backed professional league to be announced soon...

    I've read (can't remember if their own posts or elsewhere) $25000 to $40000. And it's set to be a ten game season, home and away, and a championship game. Running April- July with a break for June internationals. I too can't imagine that they will only advertise on FB, or that it's even their...
  14. jonny24

    American Pro League Announced

    Sacramento confirmed as the first team: From their facebook.
  15. jonny24

    American Pro League Announced

    Yes but it's not the governing body of the sport. It far overshadows anything else and does what it wants, but it has no responsibility for anything but themselves. They also can't prevent another football league from starting other than by direct competition, which has happened a few times...
  16. jonny24

    USA Rugby backed professional league to be announced soon...

    I actually feel the opposite. They're supposed to release locations, venues and coaches this week. As long as they do that they are much farther than the last few efforts. They also have the blessing of USAR, including an announcement on USAR's website...
  17. jonny24

    2014 Canadian Rugby Championship and General Canadian Rugby Chat.

    I'm assuming they'll be entirely new entities. I'd be very surprised if they were anything else.
  18. jonny24

    American Pro League Announced

    The US has some pretty substantial laws regarding sports leagues. Pro leagues have to be separate from the governing boy.
  19. jonny24

    'Pan American Six Nations’

    Even if it is a "B" team, they shouldn't call it that. If they want it to get crowds and TV popularity they all need to be full test matches.
  20. jonny24

    Learning to play league

    I don't know about Texas, most are in in the Northeast I think. Best bet is to check their league page, there's just the one league AFAIK since they've merged. There's no formal competition, but the club I was training with went down to Philadelphia for a 9s tourney.