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  1. Gillymore

    Rugby 20 the thread

    What does the "prepare for impact" input (left trigger on xbone) supposed to do? I've tried using it but don't see any benefit for using it. It doesn't seem to do anything at all. And how do you all manage to pass the gain line with ball in hand? The only situations when this happens for me is...
  2. Gillymore

    [COVID-19] - Things to do when under lockdown

    I'm playing Subbuto rugby game again. Found if in the attic and haven't played it for about 45 years!
  3. Gillymore

    Rugby 20 the thread

    Is there any way that I can put some of my fave players into the England squad (xbox version). Even if only by name if not by appearance/stats. Would be great to have Steve Thompson as hooker and David Duckham at centre!
  4. Gillymore

    Rugby 20 the thread

    I've managed to snaffle a used Rugby 20 game on The Bay. Should be winging it's way to me in a couple of days. I'll be playing the hell out of it whilst I'm in self imposed isolation.
  5. Gillymore

    Rugby Challenge 3

    Ok.....thanks for the reply.
  6. Gillymore

    Rugby Champions Series 2

    Looks good. Just wish that I had a comp that had specs to allow this game to run on it.
  7. Gillymore

    Rugby Challenge 3

    I'm thinking of getting this second hand on Xbox. Anyone playing it and are willing to give comments (good or bad). I'm currently playing RC2 but wondering if taking punt on RC3 is viable. Is there much of a difference between the two games? Or should I hold out for the release RC4?
  8. Gillymore


    I'm still playing RC2 and was very recently nearly tempted to get a used RC3....I may as well just stick it out until RC4 is eventually released.
  9. Gillymore

    Rugby 18

    Rugby 18 on release.....................4/10 Rugby 18 after patch....................7/10
  10. Gillymore

    Rugby League Live 3 UK Release

    Who is selling 360 version of game in UK? My usual go to stores don't have it.
  11. Gillymore

    Feeding into the scrum

    I'm with you on this mate. I saw this incident on tele and immediately said to my son that it was the first time in around 6 games that a ref had given a penner for feathering the scrum. And it has been happening since game one.
  12. Gillymore

    Thats the Japan national squad...

    .......re named and re statted in my RC2 game.
  13. Gillymore

    Rate Your Teams Players!

    Newcastle Falcons stats look bang on. Probably good enough to stave off relegation, but mediocre enough not to worry the 'big boys'. Jimmy Gopperth........if you are reading this......PLEASE COME BACK!!!
  14. Gillymore

    Questions reference Rugby Team Manager 2015

    Thanks for giving the spec Dave. My old pc should be ok to run the game.
  15. Gillymore

    News and reviews

    Are you playing on pc or a console rugbyfrench?
  16. Gillymore

    New Rugby game Rugby Union Team Manager 2015

    I was unfortunate to buy the PRM 15 game. If RUTM is only 1% better then I will be getting it. A league version would suit me too.
  17. Gillymore

    Questions reference Rugby Team Manager 2015

    What pc spec will be needed to play the game?
  18. Gillymore

    Rugby Union Team Manger 2015 Game Video

    Looks like it's going to be good. Getting released on FA Cup weekend......Just a mental aid memoire.
  19. Gillymore

    Rugby Union Team Manger 2015 Game Video

    Could you tell me what pc spec is required to play the game.
  20. Gillymore

    New Rugby game Rugby Union Team Manager 2015

    Available on Steam from Dec 6th. - - - Updated - - - Same for me.....bought this when priced at £15.....it's now down to £7.50.