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    Rugby's greatest rivals

    It depends on what country you com from. Being an Aussie mine are: 1) Aus v NZ 2) Aus V SA 3) Aus V England 4) Aus V Ireland 5) Aus V Argentina Although I don't think we (or anyone) rival the All Blacks at the moment. Hopefully in years to come we can start winning at home at least and even...
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    International coach of the year

    I think Cheika has done a great job with the WB's, however there are still major things we need to fix. 1) Depth. We need to create depth in all positions like the AB's do. 2) More consistent performances - this is happening but still needs improvement. 3) Our line out 4) Dropped balls We are...
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    The AB's were too good in the end. It was 21-17 at one stage and then they put 2 more tries on. If the WB's were going to win it, they needed a much better first half - which was never going to happen. The best team won it.
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    Will we see McCaw play in the AB jersey again?

    He has some time to decide. I guess it depends on what he wants. He could have 1 more season in him to transition to the next in line.
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    All Blacks too good. I'm proud of the Wallabies for getting there. Bring on 2016 and more Rugby.
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    If the wallabies don't win :)
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    This is why we cannot have nice things. Good luck on the weekend - to both teams. Lets have a good match and may the best team win.
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    It wouldn't surprise me if he does retire - the signs are there and he has done everything you can do in Rugby - except coaching which may be his next challenge?
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    No one is - that's the point. The current AB's team is best ever. Although is there any concern surrounding the retirement of McCaw/Carter etc? Being NZ I expect they have 3-4 world class back ups in any position anyway.
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    Maybe - although I would agree if Pocock was out. As it is - NZ should win this - 9/10 times they will beat Australia. Being a RWC final though - anything can and will happen. Head says NZ, Heart says Aus - bring it on.
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    Who will win the RWC

    Yes and no. If Australia didn't get out of its group it wouldn't have been a surprise - as it looked like the rebuilding phase was going to take a couple of years. As it is - I'm still not quite sure how we made the final - coming in I would have said a QF/SF would have been a pass mark.
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    #nopenopenope his career is OVAH! Wonder if both teams will be full strength? Sio and Folau are the 2 concerns for the WB's. Do the AB's have any injury concerns?
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    I don't gamble at all. Wallabies by 5 or All Blacks by 8 is my feeling. Either way I'm happy we finally get an AB V WB RWC final.
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    Who will win the RWC

    Either side could win it, however the All Blacks still are the best team in the world (i'm not sure if the gap has shortened) but the Wallabies are playing better than they have been previously. I'm happy the got to the finals. As a Wallabies fan I hope they win it, however it may be a case of...
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    [2015 RWC] Semi Final 2: Australia vs. Argentina (25/10/2015)

    NOPE! All I want is a good game and no ref blunders - either team is fitting.
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    [2015 RWC] Pool D: France vs. Ireland (11/10/2015)

    Ireland should win, however stranger things have happened.
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    [2015 RWC] Pool A: Australia vs. Wales (10/10/2015)

    Going to be a good match. Will be close. Hopefully Australia can win it, however Wales is a bloody good team and it will be a close run thing.
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    I'm hoping France beat Ireland next weekend

    Ireland to beat France and then France to play NZ.
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    [2015 RWC] Pool A: England vs. Australia (03/10/2015)

    Great game, great win etc. Still not getting carried away and much to improve on if we are to make the semi finals/final.