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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] Ireland vs. New Zealand (05/11/2016)

    Well done Ireland, well done indeed! That was gutsy as you can get. Can't wait for the rematch.
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    [2016 Rugby Championship] New Zealand v Argentina (10/09/2016)

    Really do feel for Argentina. They were so awesome in the first 50 mins. If there is ever a game where the score line doesn't do the game justice it's this one. Barrett can't put a foot wrong atm (for convenience sake lets forgets about those couple of penalty kicks). On current form has to be...
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    [2016 Rugby Championship] New Zealand v Argentina (10/09/2016)

    Awesome game so far. Argentina have improved so much. On the other hand our defense has pretty suspect. Giving away way too many penalties as well. I just don't get why the Jaguares struggled in super 18 with these players.
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    [2016 Rugby Championship] Argentina v South Africa (27/08/2016)

    Well done Argentina! By the way is it true that Argentina are only selecting players from their (one!) super rugby team? If it is this is even more impressive!
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    [2016 Rugby Championship] New Zealand v Australia (27/08/2016)

    Missed it during the game but dunno what Franks was thinking... And saying there was niggly stuff from the Aussies during the game doesn't excuse it! Consistent with past decision he should definitely be gone for the rest of the RC.
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    [2016 Rugby Championship] New Zealand v Australia (27/08/2016)

    Good win. Was always going to be more competitive than last week. Not sure what's wrong with this Aussie side. Their top 15 is pretty darn talented but they just look a bit lost. And this thread is awful. The whole last page is just people taking potshots at each other. This forum does have...
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    [2016 Super Rugby] Hurricanes vs. Lions (The Final) 06/08/2016

    Congratz Hurricanes. Been brilliant in the knockout games, well deserved.
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    NZ test dominance: Do we need two teams?

    What a rubbish thread... We are lucky to have a side like the All Blacks to support but they aren't going to be dominant forever. Lets just enjoy the ride.
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    [2016 Super Rugby] Hurricanes vs. Sharks (QF) 23/07/2016

    Man Barrett is in some form! I just don't see how you can not start him for the ABs. Perenara definitely has earned the backup half back role for the ABs as well.
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    [2016 Super Rugby] Blues vs. Brumbies (Round 16) 08/07/2016

    That's the best I've seen blues play in ages. The West-Francis combo has been awesome in the last couple of games. Kaino-Pryor-Luatua have been great as well. Even though we are going to end up with wooden spoon again, this has been a much more hopeful season.
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    June International Test: Australia vs. England [2nd Test] (18/06/2016)

    Damn, England are looking good! Itching for the next ABs vs England matchup.
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    June Internationals: Chiefs vs. Wales (14/06/2016)

    Well wasn't expecting that! There is some talent in that Chiefs squad. Getting off to a flyer probably was a massive boost to the confidence (and adrenaline) for the guys who don't normally get a whole lot of playing time.
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    SBW signs with New Zealand and the Blues for 3 years

    Fingers crossed we can lure Barrett!
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    [2016 Super Rugby] Blues vs. Crusaders (Round 14) 28/05/2016

    Yeah the refereeing wasn't great... but it was good game yesterday. I am starting to get a bit more hopeful with this blues side. There is a heck of a lot of talent in there.
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    NZ vs Wales - June 2016

    Not really any surprises in there, possibly Squire. TKB did move into the No. 2 spot last year playing for the ABs so I am assuming that they are going with the philosophy of not losing your spot while you are injured. The match day 23 is going to be really interesting with Dagg back. Hope...
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    [2016 Super Rugby] Chiefs vs. Highlanders (Round 11) 07/05/2016

    Yeah I can't believe they were even thinking about red... Shouldn't even be a yellow. It was dangerous, yes but how was it Ngatai's fault?
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    [2016 Super Rugby] Crusaders vs. Blues (Round 2) 04/03/2016

    Well this game reminded me of the bad old times again. We did look slightly better with Ihaia on the field. Moala and Ranger are still trying to find their feet so still hopeful. Saying all that Crusaders don't look all that great either. Crusaders of the past would have really put us to the...
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    [2016 Super Rugby] Highlanders vs. Hurricanes (Round 2) 05/03/2016

    Jackson is a crap referee but that no try call was the TMO's fault. Even Jackson sounded bemused when the TMO said that he couldn't see it being grounded. Don't know why Jackson didn't overrule it though (correct me if I am wrong but I think the on field referee can overrule TMO decisions right?).
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    RIP Jonah Lomu the legend.

    Still can't believe it. The most devastating thing is he wanted to live long enough to see his young kids turn 21. It's just unfair that he won't get this chance. RIP Jonah.
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    Will we see McCaw play in the AB jersey again?

    I don't think he will. He's achieved everything he possibly could. There isn't a better way to bow out than captaining a side to a back to back world cup win. Hope he stays involved in New Zealand rugby and the All Blacks though.