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  1. Seaton

    worst current six nations XV

    Funny guy
  2. Seaton

    best current Rugby Championshipp XV

    For good reason, most of the team that dominates all others. I hesitate including Carter in fantasy teams where Cruden is also an option.
  3. Seaton

    2014 Junior World Rugby Trophy

    It is undergoing maintenance atm
  4. Seaton

    2014 Super Rugby: Sharks vs. Bulls (Round 1)

    This game just needs to start already
  5. Seaton

    [2013 EOYT] Scotland

    Such a pity about our fullback and flyhalf situation. Everything bar Laidlaw, Visser and Scott has gone to pants at Embra in the past 2/3 seasons. Just so much permeating... dire. Eurgh. The imports are the worst offenders in terms of poor performances more often than not, at both pro teams...
  6. Seaton

    [2013] Currie Cup: Round 1

    The amount of disdain I have for this person this weekend surpassed my disappointment in the Sharks. He has no respect and shows nothing but contempt towards the players on the pitch. He is the star of the show. Everyone is there to watch and hear him blow his whistle as shrilly as he can. To...
  7. Seaton

    Natal Sharks | 2013 Currie Cup

    Really am annoyed about having Ludik continue at 13. That was Plum's tinkering, leave it there.
  8. Seaton

    Natal Sharks | 2013 Currie Cup

    Don't want to see Butch in a Sharks, or any other rugby jersey for that matter, ever again. Odwa did very, very well for the last few games, but I want to see a fresh start with exciting prospects played so that they don't leave us again. So would like to see van Tonder starting. Also seeing...
  9. Seaton

    [Afrikaans]: Is hier enige Afrikaanse mense?

    Indeed. Although I feel at 20, never been in a relationship, heresay come within a metre of kissing someone and the laughing stock of the uni rugby because of it, I am jealous that you at least have the guts to speak to them.
  10. Seaton

    [Afrikaans]: Is hier enige Afrikaanse mense?

    Yes and no. I never expressed my interest, so from her point of view there would have been no friend-zoning to be done. I am told that signs earlier on might have expressed interest, but I was too much of a coward to act on them. I don't know... just set myself up to fail really... Need to...
  11. Seaton

    [Afrikaans]: Is hier enige Afrikaanse mense?

    Want die eerste meisie ek het ooit het gevoelens vir... Can't say it in Afrikaans, but I inadvertedly helped set her up with one of my friends. :(
  12. Seaton

    [Afrikaans]: Is hier enige Afrikaanse mense?

    Ek is baie haartseer. :(
  13. Seaton

    June Internationals - South Africa vs. Scotland (15/06/2013)

    Poite I think said he was happy that no obstruction took place, which I am inclined to agree as Coetzee made the tackle and probably had even overrun and would have missed the player/tackled further behind the advantage if the attacking player wasn't forced to backtrack. And I certainly hope...
  14. Seaton

    The Future of English Rugby

    Do not let this recent blip brought about by Lancaster fool you, English rugby is on the demise. How do I know this? I have just been selected for a first team game in England tomorrow. Albeit on the bench, so there is still time. <begin seriousness> How are English fans on TRF feeling...
  15. Seaton

    No 6 Nations in the World Cup years

    I remember this guy...
  16. Seaton

    TRF Six Nations 2013 Fantasy Rugby

    I may only be halfway on the log here, but I am top of my uni team's league so that is all that matters :p
  17. Seaton

    Rugby quiz question

  18. Seaton

    Rugby quiz question

    Oh, I didn't know how it worked! :p Ummm, hmmmmm... Between which two tier one teams and when was the last 0-0 result?
  19. Seaton

    Rugby quiz question

    Who says I forgot? ;) You don't put incorrect answers in when you have the right one ;)