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  1. Counties NZ

    [2016 Super Rugby] Brumbies vs. Hurricanes (Round 1) 26/02/2016

    LOL!!! how bigs your new TV?
  2. Counties NZ

    [2016 Super Rugby] Brumbies vs. Hurricanes (Round 1) 26/02/2016

    Hello Aussies! hope your looking forward to this game , and this season, as much as I am!! let the games begin!!
  3. Counties NZ

    [2016 Super Rugby] Blues vs. Highlanders (Round 1) 26/02/2016

    The Blues played really well. I'm stoked to see the positive influence of Tana. The Blues were right in that game. However those calls were pretty dubious at best but worst they impacted the swing of the game. Sigh.. Nevermind Go Tana!
  4. Counties NZ

    [2016 Super Rugby] Blues vs. Highlanders (Round 1) 26/02/2016

    You are so right. I got no skin in the game being a Chiefs boy but really Jackson?? I hope your just having a bad game GJ, i had big hopes for you.... - - - Updated - - - Yea Blues off the ball interference is exactly what you say. Total BS and being going on for waaayyy too long
  5. Counties NZ

    New changes to Super Rugby - Bonus Points, TMO & Referee

    The proof is in the pudding but i prefer the old bonus point sytem but instead of only getting a BP for the 4th try, i would of gone for a BP every 4th try, i.e 8 tries equals 2 BP. This would genuinely keep teams hunting for tries in blow out games instead of shutting up shop when max BP are...
  6. Counties NZ

    North vs South hemisphere

    My opinion is this, crude as it may be. a 7 point converted try beats a 3 point penalty/drop kick. I'll now present exhibit A: the last WC . Exhibit B: when the English beat the all blacks up there, was it 2012 or 2013. That day we lost the battle but won the war.
  7. Counties NZ

    Jamie Joseph to Japan

    Great question. I feel money would of had little to do with him going, just saying. To your question though, i think your right strategically not neccessaraliy performance wise. For instance, now jamie has gone he will be tied into a WC to WC contract, in other words a four year contract...
  8. Counties NZ

    Chiefs' new All Black recruits out with injury

    It's not what i wanted to hear, but i'm not too worried
  9. Counties NZ

    England might be getting its own National Anthem

    Can't believe you guys are going to ditch God save the Queen, the Sex Pistols are awesome!!
  10. Counties NZ

    NZ 2016 Super Rugby Squads Announced

    Two words; Dave Rennie And I completely agree with you regarding Blackadder/Hammett. The Blues have generally always had talent, which is why I believe it's a combination of management (not specifically coach), and the players mental game, i.e they go all "warriors" on it
  11. Counties NZ

    NZ 2016 Super Rugby Squads Announced

    If i ever pay credit to a Auckland player i can assure you it's well deserved. I was very impressed with this young Karpik guy playing flanker, only to find out the Chiefs picked him up this season. LOL! Keep an eye on him; in tandem with Sam Kane, isolated players are gonna pay the price in...
  12. Counties NZ

    Tana Umaga and the Blues

    Agree with the above posters regarding ex-player coaches and the old boys club. Back to the OPs statement though, my feeling is the Blues have bigger problems than the coach I.E upper management sticking their beak into the coach's job at best, and at worst hamstringing him to the point of...
  13. Counties NZ

    Tana Umaga and the Blues

    Don't forget he got us the Ranfurly shield too:cool:
  14. Counties NZ

    RIP Jonah Lomu the legend.

    I'll never forget watching that probable/possible game with my old man, watching this new guy Jonah do what he did best. FYI Jonah was a counties man too!!! RIP you legend
  15. Counties NZ

    Ask a rugby pro

    My pro tip is trys get 5 points, potentially 7. Penalty kicks only 3. Back yourself to get the 5(7) instead of trying to win games with the 3 point penaltys.
  16. Counties NZ

    Chiefs to play Crusaders in Fiji

    I don't know why people are saying this is good for the game etc. Its Fiji, they already know and love rugby. I'm with you Tony, sounds like a money grab.
  17. Counties NZ

    How popular is the State of Origin in NZ?

    It's pretty huge in Auckland, among your average sport fans at least. It would do far better over here if the games didn't end around midnight though, and normally on a "school night".
  18. Counties NZ

    Chiefs to play Crusaders in Fiji

    As a young guy on apprentice wages seriously considering finally getting season tickets, losing one more potential home game slighly de-values season tickets. This may sound cheap and selfish, but again, apprentice wages... Go the Chiefs!!
  19. Counties NZ

    Argentina Super Rugby Team 2016 - Los Jaguares

    I'm really looking forward to this. Questions though, and please forgive my spelling. It's been said here they are called LOS JAGUARS. I'm assuming "LOS" means "the"?? So it's just "the jaguars" not the "Buonos Aires Jaguars"?? Also can anyone confirm the shirt colors, i think i read here...