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  1. hermanshire

    Rugby 20 the thread

    Think the Rugby20 is a good game. better than previous releases.
  2. hermanshire

    Merthyr: Astro turf?

    Watching Merthyr vs Cwins Caerfyrddin on Facebook. Are they playing on astro turf? Ouch..
  3. hermanshire

    Rugby 18

    I have now tried it and it was´nt that bad tbh. What I miss is to be able to play 7s and create teams and players
  4. hermanshire

    The Leinster thread

    Can not be fun playing for Kings. 4 points in 16 games.
  5. hermanshire

    What games are you playing?

    Playing multiplayer is fun, but these offing campers are annoying!
  6. hermanshire

    Top 5 Games of All Time

    1. All Civilization games 2. Day of the Tentacle 3. Great Giana Sisters (Amiga 500) 4. Gods (Amiga 500 & PC) 5. Kick Off 2 (Amiga 500 & PC) 6. Castlevania
  7. hermanshire

    FIFA 16 - Anyone else have it yet?

    I have it, but haven't played it much
  8. hermanshire

    What games are you playing?

    I have played FallOut4. Now I'm playing Battlefield 1. Both on PS4
  9. hermanshire

    Rugby League Live 4 announced

    I have found one thing that annoys me about RLL4. And that is the ref end the game at 80 mins and don´t let a play finish. Especially when you are about score a try and win the game. Patch it!!!!!
  10. hermanshire

    What games are you playing?

    The past days i´ve been playing FallOut4, Giana Sisters and FIFA18.
  11. hermanshire

    Rugby 18

    Have seen the game trailer. The players look ridiculous huge, than they really are. A bit like they were on the Rugby Challenge series.
  12. hermanshire

    European Challenge Cup 2017/18 - Round 1

    Who is this russian team playing in the CC?
  13. hermanshire

    Toby Flood

    The German Rugby Federation (DRV) is looking at the possibility to get Toby Flood to play for them in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. http://www.espn.co.uk/rugby/story/_/id/20404773/germany-coach-kobus-potgieter-welcome-toby-flood-open-arms
  14. hermanshire

    The Golf Thread

    USA won the Solheim Cup. Nordquist had a big lead and drawed against Thompson. Must feel gutted
  15. hermanshire

    Pro D2 2017/18

    Watched that game. Bayonne looked weak. Think USAP could be a contender for promotion. Bayonne will struggle.
  16. hermanshire

    Trondheim - Oslo

    The rugby league season have started in Norway. Me and another one from Sparbu Rugby were hired men to play this game for Oslo, because they were missing some men.
  17. hermanshire

    Hungary vs Norway

    Hungary hammered Norway 42-7 in the Rugby Europe Conference 2 North. Hungarys first try came after 1 minute of play. http://www.rugbyeurope.eu/rugby-europe-international-championships-m10-hungary-vs-norway
  18. hermanshire

    Football Thread

    The reffing at the Real Madrid - Bayern Munich was ****ing shocking.
  19. hermanshire

    Rugby in Norway

    Sparbu Rugby is getting better and better. But this season is mostly about learning. Played Rugby 9s tournament on April 8th in Oslo. We played one the best side in our first game, Stavanger, and who won the tournament, and lost only 26-0. We lost our 2nd and almost won our third. A collapse...
  20. hermanshire

    ~ ESPN Six Nations Fantasy League ~

    Woohoo I´m not last :D