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  1. TRF_woosaah

    Woosaahs Raggasmic 08 Editor

    hmm I didn't even notice the link had gone... i can fix that up and will do at some stage. life has been getting busier and busier the older you get eh. its been a while since i have been here too :)
  2. TRF_woosaah

    Problem with forum [fixed]

    try using this progrm for a print screen i have been known to use it in the past. I think there is something going on with your computer. mspaint is "normally" in c:\windows\system32\mspaint.exe if you have it in there then there is something funny going on...
  3. TRF_woosaah

    Problem with forum [fixed]

    smartcooky, if you go alt+print screen that will give you a screen capture of the current window. if you go to windows run type in mspaint that will bring up paint (its a standard install on any windows pc)
  4. TRF_woosaah

    Sonny Bill Williams confirmed to leave New Zealand

    sorry that you couldnt pick up on my sarcasm. or that i couldnt pick up on yours ;)
  5. TRF_woosaah

    Sonny Bill Williams confirmed to leave New Zealand

    whoa didnt see that coming... on a serious note i dont bame him chasing the money. He is a contractor really, if i was in the same position id be chasing as much money as possible, he wont be playing forever. When he first started playing rugby I thought he wouldnt do anywhere near as well as...
  6. TRF_woosaah

    Rugby Dynasty - online rugby manager game

    unfortunately my game wasnt that close, it was 5-7 at half time to them. My winger decided to be devastating in the second half though picking up 4 tries in the game. Nothing that exciting though, just happy to get my first win up :)
  7. TRF_woosaah

    Rugby Dynasty - online rugby manager game

    so my first game in the comp (after taking over from a team 0-3) it was a good close game. going back and forth. After going down 7-0 late in the first half i didnt think my team had a chance. My tactics were a bit off, so have to change them for the next game. I kicked away alot of possesion...
  8. TRF_woosaah

    Rugby Dynasty - online rugby manager game

    yep set up the training and stuff as well. hopefully my team isnt too bad. havnt had a good look around the site yet. sweet as, i havnt used delphi in a long time, doubt I remember how to use it if i tried. but you guys have done very well, I enjoyed the 3d match. dont like the website UI too...
  9. TRF_woosaah

    Super Rugby: Crusaders - Hurricanes in Christchurch (30/06/2012)

    that crusaders team still looks good to me. crusaders by 13+
  10. TRF_woosaah

    Rugby Dynasty - online rugby manager game

    I have just decided to join in (i know 4 games late but at least I am there) i went through all my players stats and changed where I think everyone should be. I changed all my stratagies for both league and ranked matches to how i want to play the game. Then i decided to have a ranked game. I...
  11. TRF_woosaah

    Spring Tour: New Zealand vs Ireland - 3rd Test. (23/6/2012, 07:35 GMT)

    probably :) i coulnt be bothered looking at every post, i did do a search though.
  12. TRF_woosaah

    Spring Tour: Australia v Wales - 3rd Test. (23/06/2012 05:00 GMT)

    what is with this guy with the tampon up his nose? i missed who it was as i just turned it over and grabbed the image, by fluke and switched back again!
  13. TRF_woosaah

    NRL Fantasy League - Dream Team 2012

    yep i have joined in, thought might as well, something a little bit different currently filled my team with Eels players... ill have to come back to it later and play around with my team. thought i should have a team just in case i forgot.
  14. TRF_woosaah

    [PREDICTION] TRF's Official 2012 Super Rugby Prediction League

    Ok ill go first, hope i am doing this right. Do we pick someone from each team or just the one team? I dont know many players from other teams yet, havnt checked into it. Blues vs Crusaders 18-27 (Dagg) Brumbies vs Force 24-32 Bulls vs Sharks 34-7 Chiefs vs Highlanders 28-12 (Williams)...
  15. TRF_woosaah

    Sidhe's rugby challenge glitches

    well i have finally got the platinum on this, played 50 online games (completed 50 really) that was such a pain. Online in the game is pants, would rather play it multiplayer offline.
  16. TRF_woosaah

    Need for Speed: The Run

    Anyone played this? I have just finished the main story, it was great, loved it more than hot pursuit and i liked that game alot. It was different, didnt like a few things like sometimes it would reset at stupid points, and start me at a corner or spawn me infront of a car so i would crash...
  17. TRF_woosaah

    RWC: New Zealand - Japan (16-09-2011)

    I paused it when the kick was taken, and it was a line call i think. if i wasnt watching it with grant fox keep banging on about that it was offside i would have said it was offside, but i dont like grant fox so he was fine ;)s
  18. TRF_woosaah

    RWC: New Zealand - Japan (16-09-2011)

    there are talks about SBW coming in the back 3 this game. he has been taking alot of high kicks at practice
  19. TRF_woosaah

    Sidhe's Rugby Challenge

    I agree with everything of what you are saying there TRF_nickdnz. Though I still enjoy the game alot i still prefer RWC/R08 as it has some structure to it. its still not stopping me from playing this game as what is keeping me in is the game modes (though I am into my 3rd or 4th year of career...