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  1. Dizzy

    [RWC2019][3rd & 4th Place Playoff] New Zealand vs. Wales (01/11/2019)

    No doubt the English played very well and should be commended for dominating the All Blacks in the manner they did. But certain selections definitely could have changed the game. We will never know, but I believe that wholeheartedly. Not ONE single individual, but a few changes definitely.
  2. Dizzy

    Trf team of tournament

    I despise these stat people. When I saw in the preview of the Final that SA had like a 26% chance of winning the final, I thought, you fools!. Joe Moody was immense for NZ as well. Didnt get much credit as I just scrolled through this whole thread. But Moodys workrate was top notch and he made...
  3. Dizzy

    Rugby is being ruined

    The over-the-shoulder tackle being penalized is pretty poor and pathetic. There is absolutely no danger from that tackle and its a good effective tackle. Im all for the laws changing to avoid concussion rates rising and possibly someone being really hurt. But come on, and then you have the...
  4. Dizzy

    [RWC2019][3rd & 4th Place Playoff] New Zealand vs. Wales (01/11/2019)

    Ben Smith played like "Should've picked me last week coach!" LMAOO
  5. Dizzy

    [RWC2019][The Final] England vs. South Africa (02/11/2019)

    Salute to South Africa. They really gave it to the English who definitely looked like they played their final against us in the Semi. It happens unfortunately. Like 2011 when we played our Final against Australia in the Semi then held on to victory by a thread vs France in the Final.. England...
  6. Dizzy

    Trf team of tournament

    Lafaele was dope. His offload game was a great factor in Japans attack.
  7. Dizzy

    Trf team of tournament

    Was a great tournament. Came here for a list of peoples RWC XV. But I see yall did individual players.. thats awesome too. Heres my RWC XV.(I picked some from minnows, dont kill me) 1. Mtawarira 2. Horie 3. Sinckler 4. Itoje 5. Snyman 6. Kolisi(Really wanted to put Curry but, Kolisi was captain...
  8. Dizzy

    Bledisloe Cup: Match 2 - New Zealand vs. Australia (17/08/2019)

    Bro, their forward pack is pretty **** tbh
  9. Dizzy

    [2018 November Tests] England vs New Zealand 10/11/18

    I respect Farrell coz he is a proud, staunch Englishmen. He doesnt seem to crumble under pressure whenever we play them and he's always involved somewhere. England need players of this mindset, he doesnt take no **** and gives it his all.
  10. Dizzy

    [2018 November Tests] England v South Africa (3/10/18)

    That was NOT a shoulder charge. That was a really good, fair tackle but the collision made people get up in arms. The game is becoming a farce with these kind of discussions. It was a big collision, thats it. When doing a shoulder charge, you tuck your forearm and elbow and use that as kind of a...
  11. Dizzy

    [June Tests 2018: 1st Test] New Zealand vs. France (09/06/2018)

    Turn my mic up!!! The game is definitely becoming tiddlywinks nowadays. SMH
  12. Dizzy

    Greatest All Blacks XV of All Time

    1. Tony Woodcock 2. Sean Fitzpatrick 3. Carl Heyman 4. Brodie Retallick 5. Colin Meads 6. Jerry Collins 7. Richie McCaw 8. Zinzan Brooke 9. Graeme Bachop 10. Dan Carter 11. Jonah Lomu 12. Ma'a Nonu 13. Tana Umaga 14. Doug Howlett 15. Christian Cullen
  13. Dizzy

    Coloss mods for RC3

    Is there any way to implement this on PS4?
  14. Dizzy

    RIP Jonah Lomu the legend.

    RIP Jonah!. I was born in 1990 so you can imagine how influential he was on people my age. I'm glad that I was only a child when he burst onto the scene because I feel like there was no one he influenced and motivated more than the children that were watching him. I remember watching the 95...
  15. Dizzy

    Nonu and O'Driscoll the best 12/13 combo of pro age? Who is better of the two?

    Cosign Of course not, Tana was never scared of BOD :P
  16. Dizzy

    World Rugby Awards Night

    Daniel Carter for World Rugby Player of the Year... Couldve easily been Nonu
  17. Dizzy

    World Rugby Awards Night

    I can agree with that
  18. Dizzy

    Nonu and O'Driscoll the best 12/13 combo of pro age? Who is better of the two?

    Before I start please let me first say that BOD is a legend and deserves praise for his contribution to the game. However, Saying that BOD played with inferior team mates just further improves his quality does it not?. Light shines bright in a dark room. Saying Nonu was helped by playing with...
  19. Dizzy

    World Rugby Awards Night

    I would've given the Try of the Year award to Goromaru. That try was PERFECTLY executed
  20. Dizzy

    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    Wow, there are a lot of new posters on here since I was last active and yet, the content remains the same. "Only people who thought the ref was good are All Black supporters!"... Of course this is not aimed at the old school members who are Northerners, you guys have always been good in this regard.