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    Hello from a long time ago

    Hello guys, Things roll on and time moves. Not looked at the forum for years now, bar grabbing woosahs Rugby 08 mods. Thought I'd throw a hello in and see how any of the old faces are doing (or a hello to the years worth of new guys!) Glad to see the board is still rolling on. It's be great...
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    Transfers rumours
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    England vs Italy - 10/03/2013

    In the second row where he belongs, yes. Croft is about as effective as a flanker as Lawes. Spends way to much time faffing about in the wide channels and doesn't do nearly enough grunt work.
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    MMA/UFC thread

    I find that suspicious - Scousers play mungoball and he doesn't have a mullett!
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    The Tip-Tackle

    Err, yes they do. All the time.
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    England vs Italy - 10/03/2013

    If Croft never plays again I personally couldn't care less. All other options are better then him now.
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    The Tip-Tackle

    A regular subject for debate on the board, this was a segment on the highlights program this week and provides a useful description whenever the "grey area" rears it's head. <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie"...
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    England vs Italy - 10/03/2013

    With common sense applied, I hardly call this an insul I mean (bringing it up again), think about this utterly inexcusable filth and compare:
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    2013 British and Irish Lions

    It was coined in your honour. Then you went and learned all about punctuation, got yourself an education and wowed the ladies with your remarkable intellect... See the lesson folks... The Rugby Forum improves lives and well-being! :P :lol:
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    England vs Italy - 10/03/2013

    He should never have a received a ban like that anyway. Certainly makes you think when you look at the way the Man United players were behaving towards the ref last night.
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    Who will make the finals?

    Shows how competitive the league is when it changes that much in such a short period of time. IMO Bath and Exe are just-about out of touch with the top 4 and are charging on HEC spots. The run-ins between Saints Glos and Wasps are pretty even, the crucial fixture will be between Wasps and...
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    MMA/UFC thread

    At least the fights happen agreed, however it also means Dana White has a monopoly and can "create" the best fighters rather then their destiny being in their own hands - E.g. Brock Lesner was signed for ridiculous money, given a title shot as a rookie then made himself a laughing stock once...
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    The relegation run-in

    :lol: I can see already that whoever finishes bottom won't know their own fate the way this is stringing out.
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    MMA/UFC thread

    I used to watch the UFC religiously but haven't seen any since Henderson made Bisping his personal bitch (UFC 95 or something like that?) Agree with the first comment though, it's a much more interesting and exciting sport then boxing. I watched "Warrior" the other day also which got me...
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    England vs Italy - 10/03/2013

    As a safe-ish bet, it may well be a good game to give Burns a start (assuming he's fit). If he's struggling, there's at least enough quality elsewhere to compensate and then get Flood into the pivot after halftime. Burns IMO is the future 1st choice 10, he needs game time to build the options...
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    Transfers 2013/14

    Really? Id have Drahm in a heartbeat ahead of him. Mieres is hardly a shabby replacement anyway.
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    Aviva Premiership - Round 17

    Sarries at it again Only just been made aware of Eddie G's latest "hillarious" gimmick - A crossdressing opera singer implying "the fat lady has sung". Apparently they did the same against Exeter also. Apparently before the game has finished, the cross-dressing opera singer will warble over...