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    [RWC2019][Quarter-Final 3] Wales vs. France (20/10/2019)

    Wales the biggest favourite of any of the quaterfinalists imo. However if France have some off field tension (player mutiny, coach quits, captain and vice have a punch up etc...) then France become an unstoppable force for 80 minutes.
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    [RWC2019][Quarter-Final 2] New Zealand vs. Ireland (19/10/2019)

    Ireland are the last team I wanted New Zealand to face in the quarterfinals. While on current form we must be considered favourites, I feel this is the situation most likely to cause an upset and knock us out early. Ireland has beaten NZ two of the last three times we have played each other...
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    [RWC2019][Quarter-Final 4] Japan vs. South Africa (20/10/2019)

    South Africa should be too strong and too experienced in this one. However if Japan can control the tempo of the game they can give themselves a real chance of providing another upset. Would be amazing for the tournament and for rugby if Japan could go deep in this tournament.
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    [RWC2019][Pool A] Round 4 - Japan vs. Scotland (13/10/2019)

    What a magical try by the Japanese.
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    [2018 Rugby Championship] Round 6: Argentina v Australia (07/10/2018)

    What the hell happened at half time? Two completely different teams on the field.
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    [2018 Rugby Championship] Round 6: Argentina v Australia (07/10/2018)

    Australia are just playing the most awful rugby. Can't tackle, can't catch and pass. On the other hand Argentina looking great.
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    Test Match 3: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions (Auckland)

    Great series, fair result. Would of liked the victory of course but think the teams are very even and the series result reflects that.
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    Test Match 2: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions (Wellington)

    How can we forget what it's like to lose? We have lost 2 of our last 6 vs the North. Our record just looks awesome because we play Aussie and Saffas so muc
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    Test Match 2: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions (Wellington)

    Congrats lions well played. Won and scored all the tries.
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    Test Match 2: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions (Wellington)

    Cracking game, even at half time. Set up for an exciting second half. Oh and the red card was fair.
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    Test Match 1: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions (Auckland)

    Great first half of rugby. Beautiful try from the lions. Hope the second half stays close.
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] Ireland vs. New Zealand (05/11/2016)

    What a great first half by Ireland. Outplaying us all over the park.
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    [2016 Rugby Championship] Australia v South Africa (10/09/2016)

    I'm wagering on a South Africa win, by around 10 points.
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    To be fair most Kiwis would be happy to rename you guys to west island and let you fly our flag. :)
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    International coach of the year

    You speak of flawed arguments and then draw a comparison of your local club team and the Australian team lol. Fair enough point about the players and resources. So how about since Hansen is the most successful NZ coach ever (judging by win percentage) then I'll rate Cheika his equal when he is...
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    International coach of the year

    How about we cut a deal. I'll say Cheika is better than Hansen when his record is better than Hansen's. Sounds fair doesn't it? Now let's compare Pocock and Carter. Carter looked average against the minnows, but looked awesome in the big games when it counted. Pocock looked great against the...
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    Who will take over Hansens job in 2017?

    I think it will be Foster. Hansen said Foster has been doing a lot of the coaching. Hansen also pulled him into the press conferences at the world cup and got him fielding some questions. I figure this signals that the plan is for Foster to take over from Hansen when he steps aside. Then I'd...
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    For me this one. For a start it was a more dominant performance. Secondly we had to knock out: France - the bogey team South Africa - Our biggest rivals Australia - The 2nd best team in the world.
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    [2015 RWC] Final: New Zealand vs. Australia (31/10/2015)

    I think Cheika was just gutted and couldn't hide it.