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  1. Lourens

    Super Rugby Aotearoa: Round 4 - [04 - 05 July 2020]

    Been watching the games on YT when they show highlights. The NZ teams once again look amazing. AB's gonna be a hard nut to crack the next international season. Frizzel looks a beast, Savea(the forward, think Ardie) looks great. Would be my two flankers with a big nr8(not sure who). Could be the...
  2. Lourens

    2019-2020 transfers

    Cyle Brink signed to Tigers from Lions.Already released.
  3. Lourens

    [2020 Six Nations] England vs Wales (07/03/20)

    Offer Rassie enough and he will go...we Saffers are easy.
  4. Lourens

    Odd theoretical question...

    Oooohhhh that hurt......low blow, yellow card!
  5. Lourens

    [2020 Six Nations] Ireland vs Wales (08/02/20)

    So it was actually the damn Irish that stole the semi final from the frenchies in 95?It's because our blood is green. And we paid that wonderful man enough, the french team was stingy with their budget....can't come to a southern hemisphere world cup without enough money!
  6. Lourens

    [2019 Six Nations] Wales v Ireland (16/03/2019)

    Did not see the did POM shape up regarding my prediction that he will click with Stander and gain 1000 meters in the match?
  7. Lourens

    [2020 Six Nations] Ireland vs Wales (08/02/20)

    POM to connect with Stander, they will look like twins on the field, and have a great game. Will give Ireland lots of go forward ball, and make the diffs in the final heard it here first.......
  8. Lourens

    A Political Thread

    The 2019 index is also available....USA moved up to 15, just behind the UK at lovely South Africa is 64 or 65.........
  9. Lourens

    What TV Show's are you watching/looking forward to?

    Also finished the Witcher, shared with Van Helsing, The Originals and Merlin.......went two series of The Walking Dead and couldn't take any more.
  10. Lourens

    Izzy Folau

    At this stage we will take anybody......maybe he can carry bags?
  11. Lourens

    SR 2020 SA teams

    I meant in the Boks side....
  12. Lourens

    Top 10 Movies

    No Specific order, just number them as I think of it... 1-3: LOTR 4:Full Metal Jacket 5:What's eating Gilbert Grape 6: Platoon 7-9:Hobbit 10:Windtalkers
  13. Lourens

    SR 2020 SA teams

    Morne Steyn should not start in the Bulls team...I hope he's more of a mentor to the young guns, like Schalk Brits was.
  14. Lourens

    SR 2020 SA teams

    You guys think the Bulls new top signing will push some cash into the side?
  15. Lourens

    Likes and Dislikes

    That will earn you a dislike....don't educate them, keep them in the sewers!
  16. Lourens

    All-Round players

    Frik Du Preez did it before Eals, lol....
  17. Lourens

    World Cup Forum Awards

    I agree, would like to create a new not the name, the title.....and nominate Tigs as he deserves SOMETHING..... PS:Maybe Hein could give him a go on this as he is bending over all the time with the hard work around here....
  18. Lourens

    A great big Munster thread

    Should be a few more players available...can't think that any Irish club can't compete with Western Province for Steven Kitshoff.....
  19. Lourens

    [RWC2019][The Final] England vs. South Africa (02/11/2019)

    Olly, just posted the link to show the hysteria......
  20. Lourens

    [RWC2019][The Final] England vs. South Africa (02/11/2019)

    The whole of SA caught with this's even headline news..... Also article from Neil Francis regarding SA's drug abuse...