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    Cheetahs to join Pro12?

    N.America was mentioned in the Ulster Branch clubs meeting as was Germany. I'd give more credence to this though than I would N.America or German rumours alternatively could just be heaping pressure on the Italians to try and force them to sort it out
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    Cheetahs to join Pro12?

    South African side Cheetahs receive formal invitation to join a lot of travel to say the least.... A South African club has been formally invited to join the Pro12, BBC Scotland has learned. The Cheetahs, based in Bloemfontein, have been...
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    A great big Munster thread

    and the winner is! I was down at the final was a hell of a preformance by the scarlets up close didn't even notice Deysel but a bit of non injured grit and physicality is exactly what we need
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    A great big Munster thread could someone enlighten me to how bad a piece of business this is?
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    Ireland tour to Japan + USA

    @munstermuffin i suppose so its a very compeitive area, prehaps if his defence was slighty better. i just feel his strike running is wasted potential the last few years. suppose it happens however Stockdale breakthing through is great for Ulster! bad for Gilroy
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    Running the Club

    Rugby folk one and all I took rugby back up again this year properly and joined a club I’d had connections with near ten years ago and in all honesty I’d forgotten how much that clubhouse spirit and camaraderie meant to me. Best decision in years! We're a small club with two teams limited...
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    Ireland tour to Japan + USA

    Been a few years since i've been on this! Just wanting some other provinces take on Gilroy? If i was Gilroy i'd feel a tad hard done by the last season or two i'd have expected him to make the squad at least for this. However from seeing Treadwell up close a few times this year, he could be...
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    Guinness Pro 12 2015/2016: Round 10 Fixtures

    its a shame to see him leave. but i can understand why we didnt offer him a new contract
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    Transfers rumours

    hardly like there was mountains to start with!
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    World Cup 2019 in Japan is impossible

    so what are the chances japan are breeding a super radioactive mutant pack of forwards
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    [2015 RWC] Pool D: France vs. Ireland (11/10/2015)

    brilliant win lads hard fought but have we payed too much a price. half of me would rather have POC SOB POM and sexton next week and play the all blacks
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    [2015 RWC] Pool D: France vs. Ireland (11/10/2015)

    healy no ross on the other hand must be about to end it at test level
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    The Autopsy thread: Which England team members are for the chopping block?

    andy goode has just been named fitness coach
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    Bryan Habana

    P Montgomery O DuRandt S Burger are three off the top of my head who id consider better boks than him
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    [2015 RWC] Warm Up Match: Wales vs Ireland (08/08/2015)

    down for 5-10 mins gas and air on the pitch drove off in a stretcher looks like a break. it isnt obvious whats broke but looks like a break, looks like a lower body thing
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    Transfers rumours

    worked out well enough last time. just after a world cup might be a few decent picks to be had for a big pay out
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    Transfers rumours

    i'd have to agree as much as i dont want a xavier rush repeat if someone is going to dump alot of money on us for him then im game.
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    USA ditch Captain Todd Clever fro RWC squad

    i hear scotland have interrogated his family to find some scottish heritage ...
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    Protect Our Borders

    as it was the the wealthy elite's lobbying to reduce and or remove government regulation on the economy. Notably the financial sector that was one of the main factors to the crash. The political system and its socio-economic powers where heavily influenced by the wealthiest in society but the...
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    Ireland vs. BaaBaas

    wasnt looking for Cave! just had never heard of the guy!